Newbie. Just created a site. What do I do now?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by paligap351, May 13, 2012.

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    I have a home service in a big US city. I just made a 5 page (5x500 word articles, keywords, meta description/title) wordpress site, which has a 2-day old url. I've created site map and submitted to webmaster tools. I already know about place pages, so I'm only curious about where I go from here to rise in the serps organically. I have pretty low competition, since my keywords target a large suburb (50,000+ population) of city I do business in, not the city itself.

    I have a budget of about 50-100 bucks a month (I'm poor). What is the best way to spend 100 bucks, and what are some things I should do manually? Fiverr? Good services suiting my needs on BHW?
    As I said, already doing adwords, place pages.

    Thanks for you patience and for not telling me to search. The more I search the more confused I am. Especially since most of the importation pertains to methods pre-panda/penguin.
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    Since your site is very new, don't expect instant results unless you have very little competition. If you do have very low competition, then some social bookmarking is probably enough to get you on first page, have a look on fiverr for people doing bookmarking to a good variety of big sites. You could also buy several pingfm or hello txt accounts on fiverr and just submit your link through those. Hello txt and pingfm submit to about 15-20 separate bookmarking and web 2 services so submitting through them is very efficient.

    If you have more competition then youll need to build a variety of diverse quality links through other sources. Judging by results post-penguin, you need to keep your anchor text diverse - at least 50% of your links being NOT your keywords.
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    You're going to want to focus on Whitehat techniques since the site is important to you, being a real biz of yours providing value and not for ads or products for someone else. You don't want to spam, you have to look at it with patience, and provide value to all visitors. You want to linkbuild naturally, slowly, and steadily.

    So not hiring a spammer, and not spamming yourself. Use smarts and not muscle. The most important thing is content, you want engagement to create conversions.

    Create some videos and post them on the various tubes. Create "friends" for your website everywhere you can, tumblr, wordpress, social boomarking, twitter, etc. Use these properties to feed more information about your biz into the internet, and make sure all these 2.0 properties are pointing back to your home-base. Giving you legitimate and quality linkjuice, not spammy stuff.

    Checkout the Whitehat section of this forum.
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    with 100$ i suggest you go to fiverr but choose your gig's carefully
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    I think fits into your budget nicely, and includes a huge chunk of things that will help you out immensely.. high speed VPS, ScrapeBox, TBS, analysis apps, proxies, etc, etc.

    If the site is very important to you, I would suggest against doing any types of cheap link building like Fiverr or $7 back links. Those guys use the same lists over and over and over again, most links that you will get are nonsense.

    The best way to build links is to actually focus on your websites image, go out and build it. Write a little bit about it, answer questions, provide information.. If you go out and do this where your target users are at, you will be surprised how quickly word spreads and that is the best SEO for you. (The website above is about 1-2 months old and no real SEO work has been done.)

    Just keep building, man. Make sure that your on-site SEO is legit and then just start writing and don't stop. Actively blog, maintain static pages, post content on other sites.. The best thing you can do for your site is great content around the internet referencing it.

    It helps if you're providing a quality product/service, too. ;)
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    Right now I would not do anything what is even close to black hat, just build your site, do stuff on social media sites and read the forum to see what the new SEO is going to be about.
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    I'm no pro, but this maybe the advice you'll get right now. you have a site right? now go be active in social media. create videos , fanpage, facebook account. thing is if your site is getting enough present on social media , as i have research it also help you rise in ranks.