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    Figured I would do my due diligence and post an intro thread. Been browsing and picking up some knowledge here for awhile (of which I appreciate), but only just registered. I'm an SEO that runs a few successful niche sites, though I've basically only ever done whitehat stuff and have been really adamant in the past about not wanting to do anything I perceived to be low quality. I've finally come to see through the usual banter about "quality" from the typical big SEO names, regurgitating and spinning big G's words as the gospel. I still believe in quality and relevance but, I'm starting to see that I need to be a bit more aggressive about things now. What's "good" is just not good enough, and lets face it, there are plenty of greyhat and blackhat tactics that still work, still deliver results, and that some of my customers' competitors still manage to edge us out in Authority and rankings with. So, I'm here to expand my "toolset" and learn to be a better, more effective SEO.

    Things I will and will not do here:

    1) I will be using proper English, proper grammar, proper spelling, and generally conducting myself like an adult. (I'm sure that will get a laugh from a few LOL)

    2) I may not post much or hardy at all, at least for awhile. I actually believe in *gasp* the SEARCH function! LOL I have plenty of studying to do before I go asking questions that have been savagely beaten to death 50 times over.

    3) I actually read through the Rules / FAQ, seriously. ;)

    4) I am not dumb enough to spam a site that has blackhat in the URL. Momma didn't raise no fool, and I don't play that game. LOL

    5) Random thought: If you ever happen to have any questions about firearms stuff, I'll be more than happy to talk your ear off and provide advice. I'm a firearms instructor with my own company, and it's my hobby / passion. ;)