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    Mar 21, 2017
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    I is a newbie here (lurking for past two months).. i discovered this forum by accident. i was trying to find out what PBN meant on empire flippers.. apparently blackhatworld ranks pretty high for PBN search term (wonder why).

    This forum is a gold mine..I have 5 websites (mostly amazon affiliate).. none of them are ranking. So am just focused on one of them now.

    I am trying to rank it on my own and through the market place.. I am happy to chat with other newbies/pros and trying to learn rank/bank. PM me.. we can conversate on skype..

    some tips i have already picked up from this forum. you can buy group seo tools for like 10 bucks/month. I think ahref is better than semrush. I think scrapebox could be very useful but not sure how to use it.

    Outstanding question I have.. how can i rank a low hanging long-tail keyword (on page 2-3) for a less than 1 month old website onto page 1.