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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Sandcat, Feb 4, 2012.

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    Hello everyone.
    I'm quite new to IM and to SEO particularly and this is my first attempt at SEO.
    After a lot of reading on these forums I decided to choose a niche and create a WP blog for it.
    My keyword has 15k monthly local searches, and 222k overall search results.
    What I've done so far is
    -Get hosting and EMD
    -Install WP
    -Write 3 unique 300 word articles niche related
    -Install various plugins such as All-in-one SEO, Google Analytics etc
    -Submit my website to various SE

    After about 12 hours of waiting, my site was indexed in Google. Surprisingly, in one of my keywords I'm ranked #3,#4 and #5 overall. On a side note, if someone could explain why Google shows 222k Matches yet only 3 pages, I'd be very grateful.

    My question is what should I do next. Should I buy fivver gigs to rank it even better? Also I'd like to know what is the best way to start monetizing it, is it Adsense or Geo-targeted CPA offers?

    I appreciate your help.
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    Your first port of call is to stat studying SEO strategy. Read everything you can for a while before you start link building; and don't just buy a bunch of blasts to a brand new domain without understanding the impact.

    With monetisation, you should try and use multiple methods, so AdSense, CPA, Amazon, ClickBank, DropShipping, Lead-gen etc. Anything that is relevant to your niche.

    Also, get an auto responder running collecting emails and maybe giving away a free ebook. You can monetise these later.
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    If it is a new site, hold back on the backlinking/fiverr jobs for a bit (maybe 2-4 weeks)
    Work on constantly providing new content and driving visitors to your page.
    Try multiple techniques and see what works best for you