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    Hey dear Blackhatters,
    I have learned so much from this wonderful forum in the last few months and now, for my 100[SUP]th[/SUP] post I would like to share something back with the hope it will help some of you guys with your sites/campaigns.

    So the topic I'd like to focus today is ? Social Bookmarking.

    We all know that content is king, there's no way around it, but if content is king ? I like to think that tagging and sharing (aka social bookmarks) as queen. The most successful sites today are social sites such as facebook, twitter and reddit ? and basically 90% of what people are doing on those sites is sharing stuff. So if you want to rank up a site, promote a video to the top etc' this is where you should focus your energy.

    For a quick look at the most powerful social bookmarking sites:
    I'm using which isn't up to date but still makes the job much easier.

    1. The first thing you want to do is to create account(s) on at least 10 of those sites from the list.
    2. Use names that sound real, you can try the link below or just use your own if it's not risky
    3. Actions speaks louder than words ? before submitting stuff, try to generate some activity such as liking, rating and commenting.
    4. Again, before submitting - If you can follow people (like in twitter) or mark some interests (a must in pinterest and stumbleupon) do that.
    5. Now that you're accounts have some activity this is when you can start bombarding your own sites/videos/whatever. Important thing to note here is to create a good title, description and tags. Also a comment for why you think this video/site is so great can help a lot.

    Now go and use your own spam methods to create multiple accounts for 20-30 more sites just to get some more "juice" -
    This is just a simple tip and it doesn't cover everything related to social bookmark SEO, there's much to learn about this subject (like software that does everything instead of you, and type of links) but I hope this will help some newbies on their way for the big $$$! cheers! :drinking2
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    Great guide for beginners but I also want to add - If you are thinking about creating more than one profile for each site(which you should do to lower the footprint) use private proxies and clear browser cookies so if one of the accounts gets limited, the other ones remain intact.
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    Like the guide and started using your tips. Thanks for that! Just one question - is there a way to do it automatically? you know, like scrapebox auto poster etc'. Yeah, I'm a lazy a-hole:)