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Newbie diving straight in

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Evostance, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Evostance

    Evostance Junior Member

    Feb 26, 2015
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    I'm fairly new to internet marketing, however after watching one of my friends go from nothing to earning a fortune purely through affiliate marketing on gambling, I decided that it can't be that hard...right?
    So far I tried some of the Black Hat methods, such as ClickBank products, however I struggling with the interest in these niches, and found that niches I have a personal interest in, aren't particularly profitable. eBooks don't really exist, and most of the target audience are quite tech savvy.

    I've since recruited a friend, and we're going to turn our hands into making a genuine site.

    The Objective

    Since our niche is fairly specific as I mentioned above, I decided that perhaps the best way to tackle this was to attempt to make an authority site on the topic. The website will start out as a blog type website, focussing on News, Reviews and Guides until we have a lot more content. Once we have a considerable amount of content, we can look at turning it into an online magazine.


    Now obviously the target is to make money, however since we're new at this, we have no idea how much money this could potentially bring in for us. Personally, my adsense account go banned years ago thanks to some clickspam gaming envy from a rival clan, so my friend will be managing all the Analytics, Adwords, Webmaster Tools and Adsense from his account. He's added me as a user to everything (apart from Adsense) so I'm hoping Google won't see this as me personally trying to get around my ban. Any ideas here?

    In addition, we are going to setup a shop using WooCommerce, and the WooZone Amazon Affiliate plugin. Our idea will be to link any product reviews or product mentions within the blog, back to our own shop to build internal site links, and to send users through the Amazon Affiliate scheme.


    Since there are 2 of us, any revenue would be split, and since neither of us have done this before, we haven't got a clue what this could earn us. I saw some goals on another journey, so I'm going to shamefully steal them and use them as a guide:
    What have we done so far

    We've both had prior experience with web development which helps, so we were quite quick to get things off the ground. So far we have:

    • Bought a .com domain
    • Bought hosting from Hostgator (can be moved to my brothers VPS with ease when needed)
    • Installed Wordpress and plugins (WP-Spamsheild, WooCommerce, WooZone, Yoast SEO)
    • Created a construction page as we are developing on a live server
    • Created 2 reviews (1000 - 2000 words each)
    • Created 1 news article (500 words)
    • Created social media pages for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
    • Installed Analytics etc
    • Ordered a logo from Fiverr

    Our next steps are to get the website to a stage where we are happy with the layout and starting content. Once this is ready, we will launch the site and continue to add content.
    Once we get to 100 UV's a day, we will add in our adsense adverts and continue to build on the site. We'll probably buy some link building services from the marketplace and perhaps purchase some unique content

    If anyone has any pointers, questions or tips, please feel free to share
  2. prisma

    prisma Newbie

    Jan 27, 2015
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    How is this going so far? I'm in the same boat as you although I'm a web designer so I'm doing it all myself. How do you like WooZone, I'm thinking about using it but I don't know much about it.