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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by troutrio, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Apr 18, 2010
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    Hi to all,
    I'm new in this field, so I ask help to you....
    I have an ecommerce site that I want to put in a ood position in Google.
    I'm trying to increase my backlinks, I'm doing it manually.
    I would know how:
    1) How I can speed up this process? Is it possible automatically and not manually?
    2) How I got my backlinks indexed in Google in few days?
    3) How can I find good backlinks?
    4) What software do you advise to me?
    5) What is your best technique to improve you Google position and page rank?
    Thank you in advance to all people that will help me.

  2. mattbowden

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    Feb 2, 2010
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    General know nothing
    get scrape box probably the best way of doing it. I am probably not the best person to ask how to use it as I am new to it aswell. But at $97 you really cant go wrong
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    ScrapeBox does offer about the best bang for the buck anywhere. Does a lot for not a lot of $$, great developer constantly enhancing it. There's a lot of info about how to use it available also.

    There are other, higher-priced apps out there that do other things really well. If you have some $$ to invest you might want to look at them, though if you're new I'd suggest you start out with some basics before moving on to power tools (though sbox is way more than a basic).

    There are also some free tools that can help. And Big Mike's incansoft line of apps are pretty cheap and you might want to look at those too. SocialBot can help with social bookmarking, and he has some other automation tools that might speed things up for you.

    For getting backlinks indexed in goog/goog position and PR/and general goog questions, there's some fairly common sense stuff I'd suggest.

    have a decent sitemap and submit it to all the "big" SE's (not just goog)

    ping your backlinks and use an app like sbox's rapid indexer (there are other similar apps out there, but sbox is getting to be an AIO package)

    use web 2.0 properties to post content with backlinks to your site, then promote those web 2.0 content url's (use them as parasites to buffer your site from penalties)

    as far as finding good backlinks, do some competition research - what sites are your competitors or people in the same niche as you targetting? What tactics do they use? Look at what they're doing, and what seems to be working for them, put your own twists on it, and do it yourself.

    just a few random thoughts....good luck

    peace - gregs.