Newbie and need help - site went to sandbox

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    I have been a long time lurker of this forum. Learned so much and I actually come here for seo tools/product reviews every once in a while. And I guess I wasn't alone ;)

    Anyway, I have to say I am still noob when it comes to seo. I just have a couple of wordpress sites, bought a number of seo books and thought I was ready.

    Everything was working fine though. At first I painstakingly invested time on white hat strategies. Then as time progresses I decided to buy some tools. Used to have subscription to senuke x but thought it was way too expensive for me at the moment so I bought a few alternatives like magic submitter,demon tools (not UD),seolr,etc.

    Using these tools and with some planning made all my 10 keywords in one site for a highly competitive niche went to 1st page of google. I actually had 2 keywords rank top 1.

    Then I decided to buy a xrumer service building 300 forum profile backlinks for me each day for this one site. It didn't take long that I saw the "side effect". Just the other day all these 10 keywords went outside top 100 serps from the first pages. Well, what do you expect 90% of my traffic was lost. I heavily relied on free traffic.

    My current link building strategy is:

    70 Percent direct links from blog commenting (scrapebox),simple random link wheels, article submissions,a little social signals (,posterous,etc.),article directory submissions,social bookmarkings.

    30 percent building backlinks for backlinks.

    So here are questions:

    1. Actually I just subscribed to linklicious today and thought using their service for all my uncrawled backlinks(some of them are old) might help aside from using other pinging tools. Question is, will this really help?

    2. What do you guys do when in such a situation that effectively helped your site get back to its positions. Of course, it doesn't mean those who did not experience sandbox cannot answer this question. :)

    3. With the latest Google panda what else do I need to avoid aside from links from blog networks?

    Thank you so much guys and I look forward for your help.