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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Crotalus, Mar 5, 2012.

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    So my site was ranking great for the last year or so, first page for the keywords I wanted.

    Then I has attacked by the panda 3.3 and I need some help kicking it in the balls. Offtopic did any of you watch Sifl and Olly? Yourtube the panda song, pure awesome....

    So I have 150 so pages indexed in google. My site is setup to have a static landing page, with a comparison of products offered. (co branded affiliate offers). The front page has 1700 words of text.

    Then I have about 20 pages of "articles" that are static keyword related.

    Then I have the rest of the pages are on the blog, I try to add a new post 500-700 words twice a week.

    Ok so now how do I link it all together? How much anchor text variation should I use?

    Should I link directly back to the home page from the blog, or to the articles, then from the to the home page?

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    I think prepare anchor for each pages of site and then backlink this. if you need best and result oriented facility, just take help from backlinksindexer as you have also heard about this.