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    This is a simple newbie guide. There is nothing unique or original but rather a step by step process to really help guide those who are just starting out and looking to make a little scratch on their way to bigger and better ways.

    The first thing you'll want to do is choose your Niche. There already is a fantastic guide written by BHW member - wealthy199. You should check it out as it will get you well on your way.

    While figuring exactly which niche you are looking to get into, you should remember the following:
    * You want to find a niche where there is already some traffic
    * Look for the low hanging fruit - you don't want to aim for keywords with high competition - low competition keywords that have some traffic

    A great tool to help with this is Market Samurai. You can download it from here: hxxp:// - this tool can really help with picking out the keywords necessary to get you to the top of search engine searches.

    Using Market Samurai, you'll want to get at least two to five keywords that you can build your site around.

    Ok... now you have the niche you want to focus on, you found some solid keywords and you have a site with some content... now what? You need to pick a domain name! You want to pick a domain name that is as closely related to your niche as possible and should contain one of those keywords you have. Some great sites to help with picking your domain:

    hxxp:// - pay $50 and contributors to that site will help based on the info you give them
    hxxp:// - domain name generator
    hxxp:// - another domain name generator
    hxxp:// - suggests site names based on prefixes and suffixes

    Now that you've got everything in order, you are going to want to create links back to your site as an anchor text using those keywords you found from Market Samurai.

    To create those links you'll want to do the following:

    1) Find forums relevant to whatever niche you are focusing on. You can use hxxp:// or search on google/yahoo for "'your niche' + forum or message board"
    * Sign up on the forum and make relevant posts
    * After a relevant post or two, you can put your link in your signature assuming that the forum allows it
    * I would also suggest using forums that allow do-follow. You can figure out if a site allow this or not by getting a firefox plugin.

    2) Blogs - same idea as above

    3) EZineArticles
    * use the article box to create anchor links back to your site

    4) Yahoo Answers
    * Find questions that pertain to your niche and answer the questions with a reference back to your site

    Now you should start getting some steady traffic. Remember to update your site with some fresh content to keep people coming for more. Besides generating revenue from ads, you should also be signed up with affiliate programs specific to your niche.

    This isn't going to make you much money nor is it a quick operation. However, it's a great way to get your feet wet and get an understanding of concepts (such as picking the right niche, keywords, etc.) that will be needed for other faster methods of generating revenue from your website.

    For a head start, I'm including a few niche websites ready to use and articles that can be used as well.