New year, new life. Hello BHW!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Eanipix, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Long time lurker, first time poster, I finally decided to come out of the shadows and say hello to the BHW community!

    I'm 22, living in Poland. Just like my parents, I was not treated kindly by life in general. We were never able to achieve our goals, as a family, or individuals. I can barely recall any moments when I was truly happy, or felt like I've accomplished something great. And the worst part is that as time goes by, the situation gets worse. Right now we are in the worst situation we've ever been in.

    My worsening mental condition practically forced me to start doing something about it. I talked to many people, did a lot of research. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of my problems, but I learned so much already. Everything is slowly coming together.

    I learned that everything comes from within. The source of my awful life wasn't fate. Or bad luck. Or my environment. The real and now obvious reason is the way my mind is wired - my negative, limiting core beliefs (zero self-respect, no confidence, feeling 'worthless'). On top of that, I always taught myself to run and avoid things that were bothering me, that were difficult, or uncomfortable. Which only strengthened the core beliefs.

    I really can't afford to live life the way I did before.

    I was greatly inspired by Kinlee's journey, especially by one video She posted. That was the last push I really needed to stop dreaming about my perfect life, and to actually start doing every single thing in my power to live that dream.

    My #1 goal right now is getting a place of my own, which is more than doable with $600-700 per month. I'm not making anything from IM at the moment, and have no money to invest. Fortunately, I have some knowledge and experience, so hopefully it won't be very difficult. I used to make $300-600 from PPD a few years back (thanks to BHW!), that's why PPD is going to be my focus now.

    I hope you won't be turned off by my introduction! I know how most of it sounds, but I am a very open and friendly person :p

    Not to mention the optimism and a burning desire to succeed! I've done more work in the past few days than I thought I was capable of. I plan to keep it this way. I will keep it this way. 2014 is the year of positive change for me.

    All the best BHW and happy new year :)
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    Powodzenia :).

    Good luck, it is nice to see someone else from Poland.
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    Good luck! And welcome to the forums!
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    Try hard and succeed! Welcome to BHW!
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    Welcome to BHW and happy new year buddy!