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    I'm wondering if people here agree with me that Wordpress needs a real SEO plugin. Real as in more than just robots, content density, metas, etc. That's great and all, but that's seriously just on page basic optimization. So 2012. Seriously - SEO isn't just keyword density anymore, and it seems the SEO plugins online have failed to keep up with this. They need to give you a heck of a lot more data. Some examples of what SEO plugins could do...

    1) Pull all keywords your website showed up in the SERPS from Webmaster tools. Select the top (10,50,100,500). Enter those keywords into a rank tracker to see which page is ranking, and where.
    2) Update that page in wordpress with a little note which keywords you are showing up for that could send you traffic.
    3) Allow you to tweak that page with LSI keywords, content, etc, while showing you the rankings below to see what changes resulted in what ranking changes

    This is off the top of my head. Something a little more involved. Things like internal linking - sadly missing in wordpress. There's automated stuff that takes a rocket-launcher style approach of blasting your internal links. Nothing with any finesse. Example: I find my page is ranking for some keywords. I want to give it a little internal linking with that keyword and LSI content. Easiest way to figure this out I know of is to search keyword to rank for - and Google will give you most relevant pages. Link from those pages to the page you want to push. Again, not that difficult. However, it seems there is no real SEO plugin to do this. Maybe this isn't just a SEO plugin but also a content-marketing sort of plugin, but seriously. The ones out there are very page specific without looking at the big picture. Someone needs to do this.

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    seo serch terms tagging does same thing