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    So I've tried making Micro Niche sites and I see that it's tons of work for little profit. After all, the definition of a "micro niche" is a tiny corner of the web that only a handful of people would find over the course of a month. To me, making a huge network of micro niche sites makes sense to generate income! Although (1) I don't think Google will like this and (2) it makes a lot more sense to reverse the micro niche idea. My next venture (still going to keep doing the 4 micro niche sites I have) is going to be "macro niche" and I'm going to build a site over the next 3 months with 30+ articles about things people would want to know/see/hear each day. To me, a macro niche example is "buy a car" or "hip hop" ... things that people will be searching for far and wide Every single day. I have a budget of $200 for this project, so I know I'm going to have to put in most of the work myself. This is my plan (please feel free to give me suggestions as you are most likely more experienced than myself):

    [1] Purchase a domain based on my research for main keyword with:
    > 100,000 exact searches/month
    > $2.00 CPC
    "Relatively Easy" Traffic Travis rating
    [2] Find 8 more keywords related to main keyword to target in articles
    [3] Purchase articles from [need good source recs] with the ~$185 I will have left.
    [4] Write 10+ 500 word articles by hand
    [5] Post all articles, 1 every 2 days.
    [6] Submit each new article, spun manually, to my various Web 2.0s + contextual backlinks.
    [7] Blast these Web 2.0s after each submission with 2,000 AutoApprove (harvested by me)
    [8] When I cross 50 UVs per day, place AdSense.
    [9] ??? profit ???