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    Today I have set up a system that will hopefully work out great for me. Feel free to review what I have, use it for your own advantages or send me some tips on how I can maximize my earnings.

    Services used:
    3)Commission Junction

    Wanelo Tips/tricks/pros/cons

    I created an iMacros script that after you go to a persons following list it goes through and follows everyone even clicking to the next page, until the follow limit is reached. The wanelo mass follow has brought following to my account and saves to certain products, which ultimately gets my affil link and profile spread throughout the site hopefully bringing back some sales. Which reminds me of a question, What is the follow rate limit (per day/hour) for wanelo?

    When I first posted to wanelo using amazon I had no luck getting my affil link to stick **stay away from amazon when using wanelo, they strip your affil tag and replaces it with there own**

    I even went the route of creating an a store thinking that it would direct the wanelo visitors to that page, but tricky little wanelo redirects them to the amazon main site with thier own afil link ending with **?tag=vglnk-c324-20**

    So again unless we can figure out a way to make azn work with wanelo lets stay away from amazon.

    I also tried my luck with linkshare...but linkshare has a redirect system that wanelo does not linke and sends you to an error 500 page. **Linkshare is a no go**

    So finally I landed with commission junction and it works like a charm, wanelo did not strip my affil link and everything looks good.

    Stumbleupon Tips/tricks/pros/cons

    This is an easy one, while using chrome I just click the like button on the toolbar and add the affiliate page to my likes with 100 relevant keywords. I am not running a bot on SU because I do not have one. Any suggestions on where to get one?

    All in all, Stumbleupon will also help bring traffic to the link but im not really sure how effective it is in sales. I have never earned to much from it myself, but I hear there are some successes out there. I do know for a fact though that it bring A LOT of traffic to a website.

    This so far is a rundown of what I am doing make some money and find out the earning potential of wanelo before it gets overun by marketers and now I am spreading the knowledge to the BHW community to help spread the word to more BH and see if we can turn this into something major before it gets burnt out.

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    Any luck with Wanelo since? I got IP banned after following like 250 people, no delays between follows though, it was too aggressive.
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    I am hearing about wanelo for the first time.