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New Twitter Search Tool Gives Marketers Insight into User Communities

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by trooper, Dec 3, 2010.

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    Jun 5, 2009
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    Social media analytics company PeopleBrowsr has launched its social  search product ReSearch.ly. The new tool is designed to help brand  managers and marketers find the 1% of [URL="http://mashable.com/category/twitter/"]Twitter[/URL] users that matter most to them.[URL="http://research.ly/"]ReSearch.ly[/URL], at its core, is a Twitter[URL="http://www.blippr.com/apps/336651-Twitter"] ([IMG]http://cdn.blippr.com/images/inline-face_07.png?1265849942[/IMG])[/URL]  search engine ? albeit one that offers a few heretofore unseen search  features to give brands insight into micro or niche Twitter communities.
    The  product allows users to search tweets around specified keywords. Once a  search is initiated, tweets are shown in the left-hand portion of the  application and users can filter the stream to show tweets from  followers or those following, segment results by gender and breakout  tweets by positive or negative sentiment. Results can also be narrowed  by product-defined communities or location.
    On the right-hand  side, ReSearch.ly provides a graphical global overview of tweets for  30-day or seven-day time spans. Here, users will find a chart showing  keyword volume fluctuation over time, a sentiment line graph and a  sentiment pie chart. There?s even a word cloud highlighting common words  housed within the tweets being dissected. In this area, ReSearch.ly  also displays media related to tweets, including Twitpics and YouTube[URL="http://www.blippr.com/apps/336658-YouTube"] ([IMG]http://cdn.blippr.com/images/inline-face_07.png?1265849942[/IMG])[/URL] videos.
    The  company calls this technology ?Viral Analytics,? and aims to help users  track ? in real-time ? how information moves through the web.
    The  product also provides users with the opportunity to see degrees of  separation from other Twitter users; this data can be exported to CSV.
    In  some ways, ReSearch.ly ? which has a seven-day free trial ? seems  rather limited for its $99 per user, per month price tag. The unfettered  access to Twitter data and the myriad of filters make for an  interesting browsing experience, but there doesn?t seem to be much more  you can do with the information you do discover.
    Product Manager  Brett Horvath says that?s because ReSearch.ly isn?t an engagement  platform. ?It?s a social search platform where you can find out what  people are saying and map those [conversations] out,? he says. Hovarth  also says its target audience ? brand marketers and managers ? are  excited to pay for the product, which he believes provides them with  unprecedented Twitter research tools.
    [URL="http://mashable.com/tag/peoplebrowsr"]PeopleBrowsr[/URL], as you may recall, started as a consumer-facing social application for managing Twitter and Facebook[URL="http://www.blippr.com/apps/336650-Facebook"] ([IMG]http://cdn.blippr.com/images/inline-face_05.png?1265849942[/IMG])[/URL]  streams but has since switched to focus on enterprise-level data  mining, analytics and brand engagement. The ReSearch.ly product  represents the sum total of the company?s refined search technologies  and its access to the full Twitter firehose.