New to Stealth Account PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by zeedio, Aug 26, 2013.

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    OK guys I am new to stealth accounts. I want to eventually have like 5 accounts. Do i need 5 different ip adresses or will they work until one account is flagged?I know its a newbie question but any advise would be sweet. Thanks.

    Also, what is the best way to make sure all cookies and flash cookies are gone? Multiple user accounts on windows?

    What are the best vcc or virtual bank accounts that work and have worked recently (within the pat 3 months) I heard that ebay has cought on to VCC and banks accounts, but it might just be a rumor, what have you guys heard?

    Also, I have a product I want to sell, do I have to get my account to a certain rating before I can even sell?

    ok thats all for now, I am sure Ill have more questions, Thanks for any help!
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    Different IP addresses (none proxies), different usernames assigned to each account. I would go ahead and attach a gift card from say Walgreens or CVS, the vanilla visa gift cards work best (but make sure to register the zip code on the account to them first online), and add a bank account that you haven't used previously with PayPal.

    Break in your eBay account with low risk items in the beginning, and after a while start sneaking in some of the more expensive items that you'd like to sell, to make the selling history look organic.

    Slow and steady wins the race on eBay!
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    U really need to read the forum. Your question is so basic I fear you spent more time typing the question than you did reading. I"M NOT trying to be a dick (like some can on be on forums)... just pointing out an "area of possible improvement".

    I probably read 2 hours a day for about 5 days on stealth accounts before I made my first one.

    I try to read atleast an hour a day on forums for IM .... even though I feel I know what I read already... becuase that 1% that is new can increase my weekly income by a $100 , EVERY WEEK.

    But ... (after another swig of a cool beer..) basically for each account
    1) New user account
    2) New IP
    3) New email/Phone/VCC

    That is the basic answer for a basic question. But don't think for a second that is everything. LOL

    Keep reading... and it will turn into money!!! More money than most people will even believe.

    My $30K college degree seldom made me that much a year... but this stuff has made me that much every month... kind of funny.
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    Yes Defon is right, you need to use the search bar, and really start reading up on to make good strong stealth accounts. Don't just take the first advice you see. Make sure your reading around to really understand the different ways of handling certain situations. Have a NotePad, and pen and write all the information you find useful down, then start putting everything in an order that makes sense to you. These are basic rules that most people think they know, but never apply. Do this and I promise things will go a lot more smooth! Good Luck on your eBay journey! If you need any help just let any of us know! :)
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    Hey eBayStealths,
    I'm as new as it gets to stealth accounts and even new to selling on eBay! I have three accounts suspended and you seem to give legit advice in your posts! I'm also brand new to BHW so I cannot PM yet w/o more post?! I have a couple of queries and in need of some advice! Please help! Thanks!

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    Contact pofigy!