New to Seo, have some questions, looking for tips

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by joegodfrey86, Apr 27, 2012.

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    i am trying to rank a website to rent 3 hotels in a certain area in bulgaria

    I have the site listed in various languages & with keyword research done for each language

    ok so far i have been using fiverr to see how far i could get with it just building different types of links back

    I am targeting several key phrases but i am trying to focus on one at the moment in 1 country and english to get it on first page.

    I have gotten many links but in google webmaster tools there are only 600+ backlinks & alexa does not show any more than 10 backlinks???? i dont understand why there is so little

    my main keyphrase has just slipped for ranking around #25 - #45 i guess this is because of googles new update

    I have built edu links, blog comments, article submissions, social bookmarks, xrumer etc all in the thousands & my site is 3 years old.

    any suggestions from the community? i have been trying to rank this site since December
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    I think only Matt cutts can give suggestion on SEO these days, better email him and he may send his penguin or panda to rank your site overnight. All the logics of seo gurus and experts have drained up with google's new updates. Quality content, authority links, aged domains nothing working for some people and for some even blank page gets on top.