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    Jan 16, 2013
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    Did adult marketing many years back when I was out of work. Did pretty good with it and after I started working full time I had less and less time for it. Dropped out of it and eventually sold off all my domains. I was chatting with a friend when he told me about this site and told me he makes a bit of side scratch doing mainstream IM.

    I spent some time going through the site and reading up on sponsors etc.

    I just wanted to know how are blogs doing these days as far as a tool to generate income? More specifically review sites (games, movies, music, diets) that are hosted on say blog spot vs. word-press when used with commission junction, amazon or click bank ( I currently have both an amazon and CJ account)

    I was tossing around the idea of spending some time on a few review sites to see how they'd do.