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    Hello BHW,

    I've had an account on here for nearly a year (so happens I've forgotten the password and am in the midst of getting it recovered and any help from an admin would be great since the general mailbox does not get checked often), and basically been sitting in the shadows taking in this vast amount of information given by the members of the community. I am interested in starting Affiliate Marketing campaigns, along with Micro Niche Sites using CPA offers and Adsense. I specialize in website creation using different types of CMS, and creating themes using Photoshop CS5 and Dreamweaver.

    After a year of downloading "How To" guides, courses and playing with the tools hosted hear, I've decided to step up to the plate and officially start my online marketing venture (I'm one of those people who just love to research and learn about things I'm interested in, and making money online is one of them). I'm going to start a thread about my first campaign, included with screenshots, the research I will be doing, tools used, etc. that anyone can follow, and give advice on. The general purpose of this thread will be to show newcomers that they have the resources it takes in front of them, and hopefully give them some tips and inspiration on their own ventures, all thanks to this community. What it mostly boils down to, is the overwhelming amount of information, along with the fact most people simply just over think things and that sometimes simplissity is the key.

    Thank you for everything you guys have provided, and the inspiration you've given me. I look forward to returning the favor to the community.

    (My original account, Khaotik, will be the one I will use once I get it recovered)
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    Did not read, but welcome.