New SEO tool under development. Suggestions?

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    Hi BHW!

    I've been developing a new SEO application for some time now and I'm currently coding proxy features. Because the application makes hundreds of web requests in one minute it's essential to use proxies to avoid bot detectors... I'd like to hear your thoughts on what proxy related features my application should have! :)

    Right now I won't reveal anything about the application but I will soon release a free version of it for you to play with and I'm sure it will be very useful for many. Currently the proxy support has following features:

    • Load unlimited number of proxies
    • Use username/password protected proxies
    • Test if proxies are alive
    • Measure proxy response time
    • Use only proxies with a response time below user defined value

    As I said I will first release a free version and later on I will release a commercial version with some extra goodies. Right now I want to make the free version as useful as possible so you'll benefit from it without having to pay.

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    Edit: I read my message and it doesn't make much sense.. :D So what I'm asking is your opinion if the proxy support should have more features in it? Like when the bot is active it should test proxies once in a while and try to get new ones etc?
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    It should also be able to scan for proxies. This is good for people that don't have private proxies.
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