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    IDK I use proxies
    hey guys get away from him .. his name is crazy ..

    he got my accts... he raised a case on my paypal and got the money back...

    wtf with this guy..

    by safe guys..
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    what happend with your paypal?
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    IDK I use proxies
    i got a negative balance and thy took all my money :(
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    Oct 13, 2010
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    IDK I use proxies
    he got the accts from me with lots of friends and he had it for 4 days and he used everthing and he's asking me the refund and i said i cant bco used those.. but he just opened a case on my paypal ..

    and useless to get the accts back.. and after he said he need replacement and i said i will giv u and again he says he needs the money back ( only money) and he took my accts too ..

    he made me sick ..
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    You're a liar, and remove the information immediately.

    I am prepping the logs of our transaction and will BLUR OUT the necessary details.
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    Dude, whatever happened you do not go around posting people's personal details.
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    IDK I use proxies
    i got my paypal balace holed and i got not big problem with paypal.. he scammed me.. :( :( i am soo sick... :(

    1. i lost my accts :(
    2. i lost my paypal :(
    3. i lost my money :(
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    IDK I use proxies
    [08-12-2010 15:04:15] contact_crazy: "Crazy." from BHW. interested in some FB PVAs
    [08-12-2010 15:04:15] Dinesh Kumar: Dinesh Kumar has shared contact details with Crazy.
    [08-12-2010 15:04:50] Dinesh Kumar: hi
    [08-12-2010 19:00:39] Dinesh Kumar: hey there..?
    [08-12-2010 21:09:31] Dinesh Kumar: hey
    [08-12-2010 21:09:33] Dinesh Kumar: whts up..?
    [08-12-2010 21:11:23] Crazy: hi how's it going
    [08-12-2010 21:11:29] Dinesh Kumar: nice
    [08-12-2010 21:11:32] Dinesh Kumar: i am sick
    [08-12-2010 21:11:33] Dinesh Kumar: ;(
    [08-12-2010 21:11:42] Crazy: ah sorry to hear that
    [08-12-2010 21:11:47] Dinesh Kumar: :(
    [08-12-2010 21:11:56] Dinesh Kumar: so how can i help u mate
    [08-12-2010 21:12:35] Crazy: c
    [08-12-2010 21:12:36] Crazy: i was wondering what your pricing for PVAs are and what the accts are like, for instance do the accts have friends/profile pic/profile info/et
    [08-12-2010 21:13:01] Dinesh Kumar: yes black pva is $3 per pva
    [08-12-2010 21:13:06] Dinesh Kumar: with pic
    [08-12-2010 21:13:09] Dinesh Kumar: some profiles
    [08-12-2010 21:13:12] Crazy: black?
    [08-12-2010 21:13:17] Dinesh Kumar: blank*
    [08-12-2010 21:13:31] Dinesh Kumar: i mean without friends
    [08-12-2010 21:13:41] Crazy: oh ok
    [08-12-2010 21:13:45] Dinesh Kumar: ya
    [08-12-2010 21:13:53] Dinesh Kumar: wait let me explai
    [08-12-2010 21:14:17] Dinesh Kumar: acct with pic, profile,with security question seted,dob in the file
    [08-12-2010 21:14:21] Dinesh Kumar: its $3
    [08-12-2010 21:14:59] Crazy: ok
    [08-12-2010 21:15:17] Crazy: well atm i'm getting priced in from a supplier at $1 so i'll have to stick w/ him
    [08-12-2010 21:15:21] Crazy: was looking to see if there were others offering lower
    [08-12-2010 21:15:36] Dinesh Kumar: lol sorry mate
    [08-12-2010 21:15:39] Dinesh Kumar: thts my price
    [08-12-2010 21:15:42] Dinesh Kumar: ya sure
    [08-12-2010 21:15:46] Dinesh Kumar: u can stick to him
    [08-12-2010 21:15:47] Crazy: yea that's not a problem bud
    [08-12-2010 21:15:52] Crazy: thanks for your time
    [08-12-2010 21:15:56] Dinesh Kumar: sure
    [08-12-2010 21:15:59] Dinesh Kumar: no problem
    [10-12-2010 10:58:56] Dinesh Kumar: hi
    [10-12-2010 10:59:01] Dinesh Kumar: i think u need pva
    [10-12-2010 10:59:08] Dinesh Kumar: i can giv u for $3
    [10-12-2010 10:59:11] Dinesh Kumar: let me know if u need
    [10-12-2010 10:59:22] Crazy: hi dinesh
    [10-12-2010 10:59:23] Crazy: yea we speak
    [10-12-2010 10:59:41] Crazy: unfortunately this rate is too high. currently working w/ 3 suppliers. 1 for $1 and 2 @ $1.50
    [10-12-2010 10:59:57] Dinesh Kumar: oho okay mate
    [10-12-2010 10:59:58] Dinesh Kumar: no problem
    [10-12-2010 11:00:02] Crazy: thanks though
    [11-01-2011 03:13:19] Crazy: hey you there?
    [11-01-2011 05:33:02] Dinesh Kumar: yes
    [11-01-2011 08:08:13] Crazy: hi
    [11-01-2011 08:08:59] Dinesh Kumar: ya hi mate
    [11-01-2011 08:09:06] Crazy: hi
    [11-01-2011 08:09:14] Crazy: was wondering if you have some fb accts
    [11-01-2011 08:09:19] Dinesh Kumar: ya sure
    [11-01-2011 08:09:22] Crazy: non-pva for now but with u.s. friends
    [11-01-2011 08:09:28] Dinesh Kumar: ya
    [11-01-2011 08:09:29] Dinesh Kumar: i hav
    [11-01-2011 08:09:48] Crazy: i forgot what's your username on BHW?
    [11-01-2011 08:09:53] Dinesh Kumar: fbfbfb
    [11-01-2011 08:09:58] Crazy: ah yeah
    [11-01-2011 08:10:10] Crazy: how much are tehse accts?
    [11-01-2011 08:10:18] Crazy: nonpva, female, full profile w/ u.s. friends
    [11-01-2011 08:10:34] Dinesh Kumar: $40 per k friends . PURE US friends
    [11-01-2011 08:11:38] Crazy: all of the accts have 1k+ or are they all different amounts
    [11-01-2011 08:11:46] Dinesh Kumar: different
    [11-01-2011 08:12:14] Dinesh Kumar: facebook is too strict now u can add more friends on the same friends
    [11-01-2011 08:12:19] Dinesh Kumar: and tht too in non pva
    [11-01-2011 08:12:24] Dinesh Kumar: we cant
    [11-01-2011 08:12:30] Crazy: sorry what's that?
    [11-01-2011 08:12:40] Dinesh Kumar: ??
    [11-01-2011 08:12:48] Dinesh Kumar: i mean i will split up the 1k and ll giv u
    [11-01-2011 08:12:51] Crazy: i don't really follow what you meant
    [11-01-2011 08:12:57] Crazy: by fb is too strict
    [11-01-2011 08:13:04] Crazy: you mean i'll be able to add more?
    [11-01-2011 08:13:05] Crazy: or i can't add more
    [11-01-2011 08:13:48] Dinesh Kumar: yaya u cant
    [11-01-2011 08:13:51] Dinesh Kumar: sorry
    [11-01-2011 08:13:53] Dinesh Kumar: yaya u can
    [11-01-2011 08:14:56] Dinesh Kumar: u can add more but send only 50 request a day
    [11-01-2011 08:15:07] Crazy: ok yea
    [11-01-2011 08:15:08] Crazy: well
    [11-01-2011 08:15:28] Crazy: woudl you be willing to do $30/k?
    [11-01-2011 08:15:47] Dinesh Kumar: noo mate.. its too tough to make targeted friends..
    [11-01-2011 08:15:50] Dinesh Kumar: i do pure works
    [11-01-2011 08:15:53] Dinesh Kumar: pure US
    [11-01-2011 08:15:56] Dinesh Kumar: its worth $40
    [11-01-2011 08:16:12] Crazy: ok. there are not many duplicate friends among the accts you think?
    [11-01-2011 08:16:19] Dinesh Kumar: noway
    [11-01-2011 08:17:22] Crazy: i'm actually lookign for something a bit low, though. not sure if that's possible. maybe 200-300 friends on the acct
    [11-01-2011 08:17:33] Dinesh Kumar: ya sure
    [11-01-2011 08:17:35] Crazy: if there are 500+ on an acct i'm nervous to do some work
    [11-01-2011 08:17:41] Dinesh Kumar: i will giv u
    [11-01-2011 08:17:48] Dinesh Kumar: i will giv u with 200-300 fnds on each
    [11-01-2011 08:18:54] Crazy: ok well, since it's about $0.04/friend could i do an order of $150 to start? which would be about 3750 friends correct? and ya really like 100-300 friends per acct would be nice
    [11-01-2011 08:19:58] Dinesh Kumar: lyes
    [11-01-2011 08:19:59] Dinesh Kumar: yes
    [11-01-2011 08:20:13] Crazy: ok ya let's do that
    [11-01-2011 08:20:19] Dinesh Kumar: ya sure
    [11-01-2011 08:20:23] Crazy: do you mind if i test my proxy on 1 acct first? just to see if i can login ok
    [11-01-2011 08:20:44] Dinesh Kumar: wait let me check the totall number of accts i hav with friends wht ur saying
    [11-01-2011 08:20:47] Dinesh Kumar: ya ya sure
    [11-01-2011 08:20:54] Crazy: ok no problem take your time
    [11-01-2011 08:22:10] Dinesh Kumar: [email protected]:jzrrnjkr:4-2-1992
    [11-01-2011 08:22:14] Dinesh Kumar: try loggin this
    [11-01-2011 08:22:35] Crazy: ok moment
    [11-01-2011 08:25:11] Dinesh Kumar: do u mind if its pva..?
    [11-01-2011 08:25:49] Crazy: how much more for pva
    [11-01-2011 08:25:55] Dinesh Kumar: just $5
    [11-01-2011 08:26:39] Crazy: $5 more? so $45/1k?
    [11-01-2011 08:26:41] Dinesh Kumar: no no .. nthing more just $2 high for each acct ur asking
    [11-01-2011 08:27:03] Dinesh Kumar: if its acct with 300 it will come around just 2$ higher the rate i am giving
    [11-01-2011 08:27:24] Dinesh Kumar: if u split 1k accts on 3 accts it will come around $6 higher the rate of non pva
    [11-01-2011 08:28:51] Crazy: hm so what would $150 total buy me
    [11-01-2011 08:29:00] Crazy: also i was able to login w/ the acct
    [11-01-2011 08:29:15] Dinesh Kumar: no issue i will giv u with the security question
    [11-01-2011 08:29:21] Crazy: but for some reason i'm not able to use
    [11-01-2011 08:29:23] Dinesh Kumar: i will giv u the ans too
    [11-01-2011 08:29:46] Dinesh Kumar: ??
    [11-01-2011 08:30:09] Crazy: hm actually i do see it's working nevermind
    [11-01-2011 08:30:24] Dinesh Kumar: it will
    [11-01-2011 08:31:09] Crazy: ok so bud sorry i'm just a bit confused. if i have $150 to invest into this test project how many accts/friends will it buy me? i will come back for more but for now i'm only testing w/ $150 worth of accts/friends
    [11-01-2011 08:31:26] Dinesh Kumar: ya sure
    [11-01-2011 08:31:39] Dinesh Kumar: i got some 1.5 k friends on non pva
    [11-01-2011 08:31:49] Dinesh Kumar: and remaining i will giv u in pva
    [11-01-2011 08:31:52] Dinesh Kumar: is tht okay..?
    [11-01-2011 08:32:14] Dinesh Kumar: ya more thn 2k on non pva
    [11-01-2011 08:32:23] Crazy: yea that's ok. but let me ask you. this test acct you provided
    [11-01-2011 08:32:31] Dinesh Kumar: yes
    [11-01-2011 08:32:42] Crazy: i attempted to add a friend but it appears limited by the "do you know this person" error
    [11-01-2011 08:33:01] Dinesh Kumar: yaya try adding after 2 days
    [11-01-2011 08:33:07] Dinesh Kumar: bco i gave alot of request rit..
    [11-01-2011 08:33:16] Dinesh Kumar: so try adding after 2 days
    [11-01-2011 08:33:27] Dinesh Kumar: its blocked .. this is the new updated from facebook
    [11-01-2011 08:33:34] Dinesh Kumar: blocking for some days
    [11-01-2011 08:33:40] Crazy: oh ok
    [11-01-2011 08:33:51] Crazy: are the other accts this way as well?
    [11-01-2011 08:33:59] Dinesh Kumar: not all
    [11-01-2011 08:34:01] Dinesh Kumar: but some
    [11-01-2011 08:35:08] Crazy: ok
    [11-01-2011 08:35:18] Crazy: well let's do this $150 test batch and if all goes well i'll be back for others
    [11-01-2011 08:35:29] Dinesh Kumar: sure
    [11-01-2011 08:35:33] Dinesh Kumar: i am making alot daily
    [11-01-2011 08:37:01] Dinesh Kumar: 423 ,480 284
    [11-01-2011 08:37:04] Dinesh Kumar: 338
    [11-01-2011 08:37:09] Dinesh Kumar: 163
    [11-01-2011 08:37:14] Dinesh Kumar: 102
    [11-01-2011 08:39:04] Dinesh Kumar: 327
    [11-01-2011 08:39:52] Dinesh Kumar: 666
    [11-01-2011 08:40:15] Dinesh Kumar: 375
    [11-01-2011 08:41:42] Dinesh Kumar: 124
    [11-01-2011 08:41:47] Dinesh Kumar: this is all the non pva list
    [11-01-2011 08:42:57] Dinesh Kumar: 322
    [11-01-2011 08:44:17] Dinesh Kumar: 99
    [11-01-2011 08:44:56] Dinesh Kumar: 80
    [11-01-2011 08:45:03] Dinesh Kumar: so totally its 3800
    [11-01-2011 08:45:05] Dinesh Kumar: fnds
    [11-01-2011 08:45:17] Dinesh Kumar: splitted on 13 accts
    [11-01-2011 08:45:19] Dinesh Kumar: all non pva
    [11-01-2011 08:45:22] Dinesh Kumar: on the same price
    [11-01-2011 08:45:29] Dinesh Kumar: Okay..?
    [11-01-2011 08:47:05] Dinesh Kumar: let me know whn we can do
    [11-01-2011 08:47:51] Crazy: ya that's ok
    [11-01-2011 08:48:00] Crazy: what's your pp
    [11-01-2011 08:48:16] Dinesh Kumar: [email protected]
    [11-01-2011 08:51:33] Crazy: ok payment sent
    [11-01-2011 08:51:42] Dinesh Kumar: ya give me a min
    [11-01-2011 08:51:59] Crazy: ok will be back in a min myself
    [11-01-2011 08:52:00] Crazy: brb
    [11-01-2011 08:53:52] Dinesh Kumar: where shud i hav to send the accts
    [11-01-2011 08:53:54] Dinesh Kumar: to the mail ..?
    [11-01-2011 09:03:33] Dinesh Kumar: i hav sent to the mail frm which u hav sent the money
    [11-01-2011 09:03:35] Dinesh Kumar: thanks mate
    [11-01-2011 09:03:39] Dinesh Kumar: let me know if u need mroe
    [14-01-2011 05:35:15] Crazy: dinesh can you re-enabled disabled accounts/pvas? also unlock locked accounts
    [14-01-2011 06:48:15] Dinesh Kumar: hmm i dont hav the sim with me mate
    [14-01-2011 06:48:36] Dinesh Kumar: oho i give u the non pva rit..?
    [14-01-2011 06:48:47] Dinesh Kumar: does it ask phone number to verfiy
    [14-01-2011 06:48:59] Dinesh Kumar: if so i can change thm to phone verified for $3 per acct
    [14-01-2011 13:07:34] Crazy: hey bud
    [14-01-2011 13:07:44] Crazy: i just looked at the file you sent, 3800.. it only had 11 accts not 13
    [14-01-2011 13:07:51] Crazy: totalled to 3600 friends rather than 3800
    [14-01-2011 13:08:02] Crazy: i can forward the email w/ the attachment if you want to confirm
    [14-01-2011 19:12:31] Dinesh Kumar: lol check out.. i check out and only thn i gave
    [14-01-2011 19:12:39] Dinesh Kumar: wait let me se the numbers
    [11:07:22] Crazy: hello
    [11:08:52] Dinesh Kumar: ya hi
    [11:08:57] Crazy: hi
    [11:09:05] Crazy: did you happen to look into the issue i mentioned?
    [11:09:13] Dinesh Kumar: no i dint still
    [11:09:16] Dinesh Kumar: wait let me check
    [11:10:42] Crazy: ok please do
    [11:10:54] Crazy: i can forward back the email w/ the attachment if yo'ud like
    [11:11:43] Dinesh Kumar: ya
    [11:11:59] Crazy: ok give me a moment
    [11:14:04] Crazy: sent
    [11:15:35] Dinesh Kumar: oho mate
    [11:15:38] Dinesh Kumar: check the total
    [11:16:03] Crazy: i did... there are 11 accts correct? you had stated 13 but let me re-add the total
    [11:16:29] Dinesh Kumar: lol but i changed the accts with more number of friends and gave a pva of it
    [11:16:31] Crazy: 3686 total
    [11:16:35] Dinesh Kumar: yes
    [11:16:40] Dinesh Kumar: and one is pva
    [11:17:07] Crazy: but i had purchased 3800 no?
    [11:17:15] Dinesh Kumar: no
    [11:18:01] Dinesh Kumar: $5 extra for apva
    [11:18:05] Dinesh Kumar: so its equal
    [11:18:16] Crazy: ok
    [13:07:37] Crazy: dinesh 1 of the accts has hit a roadblock, requires friend photo ID or code by email
    [13:07:43] Crazy: is the pass for the email the same as the pass for the fb acct?
    [13:08:37] Crazy: n/m i see it is
    [13:08:39] Crazy: thanks
    [13:18:59] Dinesh Kumar: yaya
    [13:19:00] Crazy: hm
    [13:19:06] Dinesh Kumar: same email and pw
    [13:19:06] Crazy: ar eyou there?
    [13:19:16] Dinesh Kumar: no just now i came
    [13:19:26] Crazy: i'm checking firneds on these accts
    [13:19:26] Dinesh Kumar: hmm k
    [13:19:26] Crazy: they aren't pure u.s.
    [13:19:37] Dinesh Kumar: oho :(
    [13:19:38] Dinesh Kumar: thy are
    [13:19:43] Dinesh Kumar: i made thm
    [13:19:55] Crazy: no i'm checking now and almost all are foreign
    [13:20:07] Dinesh Kumar: oho
    [13:21:13] Crazy: just look at these wall posts
    [13:21:15] Crazy:
    [13:22:16] Dinesh Kumar: oho may be one r 2 ll b there mate
    [13:22:18] Dinesh Kumar: but not all
    [13:22:25] Crazy: well no that's how most of the wall looks
    [13:22:31] Crazy: i'd say maybe 10% are american posts
    [13:22:36] Crazy: the rest are not in english
    [13:23:17] Dinesh Kumar: oho no .. i made those.. may b one r 2 accts wll b there
    [13:23:34] Dinesh Kumar: bco i ll get some request too as i use girl profile
    [13:23:35] Dinesh Kumar: thts y
    [13:23:46] Crazy: bud i'm sorry i can't accept this. i require u.s. accts to profit from these accounts
    [13:23:48] Crazy: u.s. friends*
    [13:24:06] Dinesh Kumar: yes not all accts are mixed.. check everthign
    [13:24:20] Dinesh Kumar: i made thm
    [13:24:26] Dinesh Kumar: so i know thy are from US
    [13:25:51] Crazy: how can you quantify where they are from?
    [13:25:55] Crazy: all i see is majority foreign text
    [13:26:06] Dinesh Kumar: not like tht
    [13:26:15] Dinesh Kumar: while adding i hav a trick
    [13:26:18] Dinesh Kumar: thy are from US
    [13:26:24] Dinesh Kumar: may b there langu can b different
    [13:26:27] Crazy: you're asking me to take your word for it
    [13:26:29] Dinesh Kumar: but thy are presend in US
    [13:26:52] Crazy: unfortunately i may need a refund
    [13:27:00] Crazy: all accounts are in good standing so there is no lose to you or me
    [13:27:21] Dinesh Kumar: oho sorry how cud u get a refund
    [13:27:22] Crazy: i will continue to investigate but i may need to request a refund depending on how i feel after further looking into it
    [13:27:27] Crazy: what?
    [13:27:40] Dinesh Kumar: the accts where with u mate
    [13:27:48] Dinesh Kumar: so how u request a refund
    [13:27:51] Dinesh Kumar: ??
    [13:27:53] Crazy: made with me?
    [13:27:55] Crazy: i don't understand
    [13:28:16] Dinesh Kumar: i dont know y do u ask refund..?
    [13:28:21] Dinesh Kumar: its not possible mate
    [13:28:29] Crazy: because these aren't 100% pure u.s. friends like you said
    [13:28:43] Crazy: bud, it is possible. one way or another. if i feel cheated, i will get my money
    [13:28:57] Dinesh Kumar: noo thy are not and ur not cheated
    [13:28:58] Dinesh Kumar: for sure
    [13:29:06] Dinesh Kumar: y shud i hav to cheat u
    [13:29:10] Dinesh Kumar: its us friends
    [13:29:13] Crazy: i have all logs and everything detailed, i don't play games with my money. you told me 100% u.s., and all i see is foreign users. you did not MAKE these accounts for me
    [13:29:25] Crazy: you told me you had them in stock, i can pull up the logs from our conversation
    [13:29:28] Crazy: so to imply that you MADE these for me is a lie
    [13:29:57] Dinesh Kumar: shit.. i dnt say i made for u .. i make for every one who want US friends
    [13:30:03] Dinesh Kumar: and u asked me . i sold u
    [13:30:15] Dinesh Kumar: i dint say i specially made for u .. ITS US friends
    [13:30:17] Dinesh Kumar: i know tht
    [13:30:18] Crazy: yes, i asked for u.s. friends. i'm not satisfied but what i see
    [13:30:26] Crazy: by what i see*
    [13:30:38] Dinesh Kumar: but this is not gud
    [13:30:49] Dinesh Kumar: if u dnt satisfy wht shud i hav to do
    [13:30:53] Dinesh Kumar: its not with my hand now
    [13:31:02] Crazy: sure it is, it's a click away in your paypal account
    [13:31:06] Crazy: and it's a click away in mine to file a claim
    [13:31:26] Dinesh Kumar: this is cheating
    [13:31:40] Crazy: i mean, if we need to go the hard way i have no issues w/ that. i can take it to BHW and all that, post logs, etc. this isn't new to me i handle all sorts of bad deals when people falsely provide goods
    [13:32:05] Dinesh Kumar: lol so u always play with people like this
    [13:32:09] Dinesh Kumar: pay thm
    [13:32:11] Crazy: your accounts are 100% intact. all working, all live, functioning as you gave them to me. you lose 0 by refunding and selling them to someon else
    [13:32:19] Dinesh Kumar: use those accts
    [13:32:25] Crazy: play? BUD these are NOT U.S. friends
    [13:32:26] Dinesh Kumar: and thn say tht ur not satisfied
    [13:32:37] Dinesh Kumar: thn u go to paypal or bhw and get the money back
    [13:32:40] Crazy: are you listening to me? they are NOT u.s. friends
    [13:32:41] Dinesh Kumar: this is scamming
    [13:32:52] Crazy: continue to ramble on, that's fine
    [13:33:03] Crazy: i will prove my point by simply going to my friends list and spot checking 10 at random
    [13:33:12] Crazy: i will PASTE you the countries of these members
    [13:33:13] Crazy: moment
    [13:33:41] Dinesh Kumar: if u need to get the money back u can do wht ever to get tht.. so u can chose any of the acct and u can say tht thy are not from US
    [13:33:50] Dinesh Kumar: so i am ready to do tht again .. ones sold its sold
    [13:33:58] Dinesh Kumar: i am gona get back those sorry
    [13:34:15] Crazy: From Vancouver, British Columbia
    [13:34:47] Dinesh Kumar: u can check out my itrades
    [13:34:59] Dinesh Kumar: i am reliable on my services
    [13:35:07] Dinesh Kumar: the only person who complains me is its u
    [13:36:00] Crazy: why are you refusing to refund me?
    [13:36:10] Crazy: you have lost nothing, and i have lost $150 for something you promised and did not deliver
    [13:36:25] Crazy: these accounts are UNABUSED, UNUSED, AS YOU GAVE THEM TO ME
    [13:36:36] Crazy: they were roadblocked due to IP LOCATION
    [13:36:44] Dinesh Kumar: nooo bco i can use those acct back
    [13:36:53] Crazy: are you kidding me?
    [13:36:57] Dinesh Kumar: bco ip changes often
    [13:36:58] Crazy: ok, i'll take it to the shit list on bhw
    [13:37:03] Crazy: good bye
    [13:37:06] Dinesh Kumar: bye
    [13:37:16] Dinesh Kumar: u may used those accts
    [13:37:32] Dinesh Kumar: u may scamed those friends by apps , pages , groups , linkes
    [13:37:36] Dinesh Kumar: so i cant get back
    [13:37:39] Dinesh Kumar: its loss for me
    [13:37:40] Crazy: that's fine, keep the $150. i will make it known that you do NOT provide u.s. friends
    [13:37:43] Crazy: simple
    [13:37:48] Dinesh Kumar: its my alot days work
    [13:37:54] Dinesh Kumar: 3800 fnds is not simple to do
    [13:38:03] Dinesh Kumar: do wht ever u can
    [13:38:07] Dinesh Kumar: u r scamming me
    [13:38:19] Crazy: bud, i will not continue on with this. all of these logs will be posted, all of the transaction informatino will be posted, and we will handle this in public because you are refusing to handle it accordingly in private
    [13:38:23] Dinesh Kumar: its sick to deal with people like u
    [13:39:35] Crazy: "3800 PURE US FRIENDS ACC.txt"
    [13:39:38] Crazy: that's what you sent, just to be clear
    [13:39:46] Crazy: YOU are the scammer
    [13:40:04] Dinesh Kumar: let it b .. i am not scammer.. u can check my threads , u can check my itrades
    [13:40:10] Dinesh Kumar: i am realiable on my services
    [13:40:13] Dinesh Kumar: y do u do liek this
    [13:40:18] Dinesh Kumar: i hate ur ways
    [13:40:47] Crazy: how about this. i will retract my request for a refund if you can prove to me that there are 90%+ U.S. friends on tehse accounts
    [13:41:08] Crazy: if you cant' do that, i will file a claim with paypal now, and prepare my post for the BHW shit list
    [13:41:09] Dinesh Kumar: i meade thm
    [13:41:11] Crazy: and we'll deal w/ it publicly
    [13:41:34] Crazy: i just told you, prove it. because the evidence *i find* suggests that it is majority FOREIGN users
    [13:41:44] Dinesh Kumar: r u mad.. i can log in i said
    [13:41:53] Dinesh Kumar: i cant solve all the roadblocks
    [13:42:03] Crazy: what?
    [13:42:16] Dinesh Kumar: nothing do wht ever u need
    [13:42:19] Dinesh Kumar: its us i know
    [13:42:36] Crazy: i will do whatever, because i'm sick of people like you going around scamming people for shit product
    [13:42:39] Dinesh Kumar: i hate u really bco of ur just $150
    [13:43:01] Dinesh Kumar: its big loss for me if i get those accts baack .. i cant do anything with those accts
    [13:43:32] Crazy: why can't you?
    [13:43:37] Crazy: they are just as you sent them
    [13:43:40] Crazy: there is nothing changed
    [13:43:43] Dinesh Kumar: i cant.. it roadblock if i open on my IP
    [13:43:44] Crazy: they are 100% fine
    [13:43:56] Dinesh Kumar: u dont know about facebok
    [13:43:57] Dinesh Kumar: but i know
    [13:44:00] Crazy: bud, they roadblocked when i used my proxies to login, and i got through the roadblock just find
    [13:44:14] Crazy: i used the secret question bypass and that's it
    [13:44:15] Crazy: simple
    [13:44:28] Dinesh Kumar: i dont know if u hav scamed those with those accts
    [13:44:36] Crazy: did what?
    [13:44:39] Dinesh Kumar: and its usell to get back
    [13:44:44] Dinesh Kumar: nooo way mate
    [13:45:00] Crazy: let me tell you something
    [13:45:09] Crazy: if you think you're going to take $150 from me and give me something I DID NOT ASK FOR
    [13:45:12] Crazy: you're out of your friggen MIND
    [13:45:23] Dinesh Kumar: oho god
    [13:45:45] Dinesh Kumar: i said i made those and thy are from us. but there may b
    [13:45:47] Dinesh Kumar: but not all
    [13:45:54] Dinesh Kumar: but i am sure its US located
    [13:45:54] Crazy: you said PURE u.s. friends
    [13:46:00] Crazy: *PURE* ...understand?
    [13:46:03] Crazy: you lied
    [13:46:11] Crazy: and you can't prove that even a MAJORITY (50%+) are from the u.s.
    [13:46:20] Dinesh Kumar: thy are
    [13:46:21] Crazy: 99% of the wall feed is FOREIGN text
    [13:46:27] Crazy: prove it!
    [13:46:32] Dinesh Kumar: how to..?
    [13:46:33] Dinesh Kumar: i cant i said
    [13:46:42] Crazy: so how the fuck can i just believe you because you say so?
    [13:46:43] Dinesh Kumar: bco of the ip change. the acct may lead to deletion
    [13:46:50] Crazy: bullshit, that's never the case
    [13:46:54] Crazy: and now you're lying
    [13:47:01] Dinesh Kumar: i..?
    [13:47:03] Dinesh Kumar: shit
    [13:47:06] Dinesh Kumar: u
    [13:47:12] Dinesh Kumar: u used those accts
    [13:47:16] Dinesh Kumar: u hav those accts for 3 days
    [13:47:22] Crazy: lmfao yes, i'm lying, because i came to YOU to buy accounts, i waited for YOU to sort and i paid YOU
    [13:47:26] Crazy: yet i'm SCAMMING you
    [13:47:26] Dinesh Kumar: and how do u expect me to get back those accts
    [13:48:46] Crazy: what's there to get back?
    [13:48:48] Crazy: they work as they did when you sent them to me
    [13:48:54] Crazy: they are FRESH and FINE
    [13:49:06] Dinesh Kumar: how do i belive u
    [13:49:08] Dinesh Kumar: prove me
    [13:49:10] Dinesh Kumar: ?
    [13:49:17] Crazy: go login to them! jesus
    [13:49:23] Dinesh Kumar: no
    [13:49:29] Crazy: lmfao
    [13:49:30] Dinesh Kumar: u can suggest those to ur paged
    [13:49:31] Dinesh Kumar: pages
    [13:49:33] Dinesh Kumar: group
    [13:49:36] Crazy: what?
    [13:49:38] Dinesh Kumar: scame those friends
    [13:49:40] Crazy: i did no such thing
    [13:49:43] Dinesh Kumar: can make thm to join thm
    [13:49:48] Dinesh Kumar: u shud hav sent msg to hm
    [13:49:49] Dinesh Kumar: thm
    [13:50:00] Dinesh Kumar: u had those accts for 3 days ma
    [13:50:01] Dinesh Kumar: man
    [13:50:12] Dinesh Kumar: thts enough for alot to use those
    [13:51:36] Dinesh Kumar: let me tell u something
    [13:52:01] Dinesh Kumar: u shud hav checked those if u fel i am scamming u and hav said tht on the first day i gave u
    [13:52:15] Crazy: i have a life bud
    [13:52:23] Crazy: i did not have the time right away to notice tehse issues
    [13:52:24] Dinesh Kumar: i know
    [13:52:32] Dinesh Kumar: but its 3 days mate
    [13:52:35] Dinesh Kumar: pls think of me too
    [13:52:36] Dinesh Kumar: pls
    [13:52:51] Crazy: at least help me out here man
    [13:52:57] Dinesh Kumar: i too hav life and i dont want money for free and i dont want those accts back
    [13:52:57] Crazy: i mean i will try to work w/ you to resolve this
    [13:53:08] Crazy: i noticed that it's this PVA specifically with many foreign friends
    [13:53:10] Crazy: i'm going through them again to try and take notice
    [13:53:15] Crazy: please give me a moment
    [13:53:29] Dinesh Kumar: sure take ur time mate
    [13:53:35] Dinesh Kumar: i promise i made only US friends
    [13:53:44] Dinesh Kumar: i hav no intension to scam people
    [13:53:49] Dinesh Kumar: y shud i hav to do tht
    [13:53:55] Dinesh Kumar: i am a gud reputed member mate
    [13:54:07] Dinesh Kumar: i can do wht ever in facebook
    [13:54:10] Crazy: if i didn't believe you i wouldn't have sent you money to begin with
    [13:54:18] Crazy: i'm just as upset and disappointed as you are
    [13:54:19] Crazy: trus tme
    [13:54:20] Crazy: trust me*
    [13:55:32] Dinesh Kumar: oho but i made those mate and i know wht i made.. its us bro
    [13:57:06] Dinesh Kumar: but wht i say u .. whn sold i wnt get back those .. bco thy made use thm to install apps , make apps, invite those friends to the page u hav , make fans , suggest all those friends to other profile ,, etc etc.. use those accts for voting
    [13:57:28] Dinesh Kumar: and lot more works with facebook mate which u can make $$$ out with just 3800 fnds
    [13:58:31] Dinesh Kumar: and more over it may be used for cpa too and u can make fans out of those 3500 fnds around 1000 fans
    [13:58:33] Crazy: ok look
    [13:58:38] Crazy: so far, 2 accounts i'm not satisifed with
    [13:58:42] Dinesh Kumar: and its worth more thn 150$
    [13:58:43] Crazy: i will look at the others
    [13:58:47] Crazy: some seem to be majority u.s.
    [13:58:54] Crazy: some seem to be VAST majority foriegn
    [13:58:59] Crazy: if you can replace just those accts i will be happy
    [13:59:04] Dinesh Kumar: hmm
    [13:59:09] Crazy: moment while i continue to look
    [13:59:12] Crazy: you can check for yourself
    [13:59:19] Crazy: here look at these two:
    [13:59:25] Crazy: [email protected] ufhvao94
    [13:59:30] Crazy: [email protected] yjsxitry
    [14:00:55] Dinesh Kumar: k i will replace those 2 accts
    [14:00:59] Dinesh Kumar: happy..?
    [14:01:07] Dinesh Kumar: i need people to get satisifed with my work
    [14:01:11] Dinesh Kumar: if not i am off
    [14:01:17] Crazy: well sec i'm still going through the others. 4 others to check
    [14:01:18] Crazy: moment
    [14:01:27] Dinesh Kumar: k
    [14:06:33] Crazy: [email protected] 2X15pzkg
    [14:06:38] Crazy: these 3 accts are the most questionable
    [14:06:48] Crazy: a huge % of the friend feed activity is foreign
    [14:07:13] Dinesh Kumar: oho
    [14:07:17] Dinesh Kumar: k
    [14:07:19] Dinesh Kumar: wait pls
    [14:07:24] Dinesh Kumar: so total up pls
    [14:07:28] Dinesh Kumar: all the friends..
    [14:07:52] Crazy: ok second
    [14:08:00] Dinesh Kumar: k
    [14:08:37] Crazy: 669
    [14:08:44] Dinesh Kumar: hmm
    [14:11:25] Crazy: either that
    [14:11:27] Crazy: or just refund 50%
    [14:11:30] Crazy: or 40%
    [14:11:30] Crazy: something
    [14:11:45] Dinesh Kumar: yaya i ll give u some us accts now
    [14:11:46] Dinesh Kumar: gve me a min
    [14:11:56] Dinesh Kumar: i will giv u totally around 300 fnds
    [14:11:58] Dinesh Kumar: is tht okay..?
    [14:12:15] Crazy: hm no bud unfortunately i cant' accept that
    [14:12:19] Crazy: i'm trying to meet you half way but i'm making too much of a compromise
    [14:12:35] Crazy: because even the other accounts i'm not 100% satisfied w/ becasue they aren't all u.s. friends
    [14:12:38] Crazy: so i'm already compromising
    [14:12:42] Dinesh Kumar: all other accts are gud u said
    [14:12:48] Crazy: you have to understand my point bud. you promised me 100% u.s. friends
    [14:13:01] Dinesh Kumar: oho god thy are
    [14:13:04] Crazy: since this isn't the case, i can prove it not to be true by having just 1 friend that is from another country
    [14:13:20] Crazy: no my friend, they aren't. i can prove they aren't 100% u.s. friends with just 1 non-u.s. friend
    [14:13:24] Crazy: you see? this is the problem
    [14:13:33] Crazy: you can't promise these things if they aren't true
    [14:13:49] Dinesh Kumar: whts this. u need everone to be from US
    [14:13:52] Dinesh Kumar: all 3800
    [14:13:54] Dinesh Kumar: .??
    [14:14:02] Crazy: yes man
    [14:14:04] Dinesh Kumar: there may be some mate
    [14:14:10] Dinesh Kumar: oho god
    [14:14:12] Crazy: no man, i need 95%+
    [14:14:15] Dinesh Kumar: how do u expect tht
    [14:14:18] Dinesh Kumar: thy are
    [14:14:24] Dinesh Kumar: u said those 3 accts are bad
    [14:14:24] Crazy: i don't mind 2 or 3 out of 100 being foreign
    [14:14:27] Dinesh Kumar: so i will repalace those
    [14:14:36] Crazy: but there are well over 20 friends per 100 that are not u..s
    [14:14:44] Crazy: if you want to go account by account, i will prove it
    [14:14:48] Crazy: just so you see what i mean
    [14:15:00] Dinesh Kumar: oho mate i am sick of u
    [14:15:10] Dinesh Kumar: its totalling making me dispressed
    [14:15:38] Dinesh Kumar: u hav decided to take the money back and so ur taking like this way
    [14:15:50] Crazy: lol man, i'm trying to be fair
    [14:15:52] Dinesh Kumar: saying like this silly complains
    [14:15:52] Crazy: and you're not meeting me in the middle
    [14:16:03] Crazy: silly? man this is money that i'm trying to turn into profit
    [14:16:12] Crazy: you promised me something and gave me something else
    [14:16:17] Dinesh Kumar: ya me too but its huge loss for me
    [14:16:18] Crazy: that's what happened and now i'm trying to resolve it
    [14:16:22] Dinesh Kumar: if u get the money back
    [14:16:25] Dinesh Kumar: i dotn hav the money
    [14:16:32] Crazy: i understand it's a huge lose for you
    [14:16:38] Dinesh Kumar: yes
    [14:16:38] Crazy: that's why i'm trying to fucking be fair
    [14:16:42] Crazy: and you're just being hard headed
    [14:16:57] Dinesh Kumar: i will giv u some US friends
    [14:17:00] Dinesh Kumar: so me accts
    [14:17:03] Dinesh Kumar: thts all i can do
    [14:17:07] Dinesh Kumar: i dotn want the money back
    [14:17:15] Dinesh Kumar: i mean i dont want the accts back
    [14:17:19] Crazy: either 670 or nothing man, replace what i want replaced or let's just end this beause frankly i'm already bending over BACKWARDS to save your ass
    [14:17:23] Dinesh Kumar: bco its useless for me to get back
    [14:17:56] Dinesh Kumar: so do u need all 670 fnds back
    [14:17:59] Crazy: am i being unfair?
    [14:18:02] Dinesh Kumar: 670 us friends..?
    [14:18:06] Crazy: yes
    [14:18:13] Dinesh Kumar: oho :(
    [14:18:16] Dinesh Kumar: okay
    [14:18:37] Dinesh Kumar: and i will giv u but this ll b my last business betwwen us
    [14:19:29] Crazy: man if that's what you want, that's fine. i would have no problem doing fair business w/ you in the future. $150 is nothing to me. with the right resources i make this in a day. but i will not pay someone for something that they do not deliver to me
    [14:19:33] Crazy: you must understand
    [14:20:01] Dinesh Kumar: 670 is a loss for me
    [14:20:02] Dinesh Kumar: nevermind
    [14:20:11] Crazy: and trust i will lose $100 of that $150
    [14:20:20] Crazy: because a huge % of these friends will not convert with my offers
    [14:20:23] Crazy: so that's lost
    [14:20:25] Crazy: period
    [14:20:25] Dinesh Kumar: i look u as my client
    [14:20:27] Dinesh Kumar: so no issue
    [14:20:27] Crazy: they're not even fucking PVA
    [14:20:37] Dinesh Kumar: lol
    [14:20:39] Dinesh Kumar: thy are pva
    [14:20:43] Dinesh Kumar: lol
    [14:20:47] Crazy: 1! is pva
    [14:20:49] Crazy: the other 10 are not
    [14:20:53] Dinesh Kumar: yes
    [14:20:56] Dinesh Kumar: u said u dont need pva
    [14:21:02] Crazy: i didn't claim i wanted pva
    [14:21:03] Dinesh Kumar: wht the fuck ur talking abuot.. u said u dont need pva
    [14:21:21] Crazy: i said i'm losing money on accounts with friends i cant convert into profit and the accounts aren't even PVA
    [14:21:27] Crazy: so they're fairly useless accounts
    [14:21:31] Dinesh Kumar: [11 January 2011 08:09] Crazy:

    <<< ah yeah
    how much are tehse accts?
    nonpva, female, full profile w/ u.s. friends
    [14:21:44] Crazy: i just said i know i didn't ask for pva
    [14:21:51] Dinesh Kumar: hmm
    [14:21:51] Crazy: it's the point of the matter, i will ALSO lose money on this deal
    [14:21:53] Crazy: you're not the only one hurting
    [14:22:07] Dinesh Kumar: wait i will giv u the accts
    [14:31:09] Crazy: man
    [14:31:21] Crazy: look just give me a refund
    [14:31:33] Dinesh Kumar: i cant
    [14:31:38] Dinesh Kumar: i will giv u the accts
    [14:31:49] Crazy: man
    [14:31:52] Crazy: thes eare n't u.s. friends man
    [14:31:57] Dinesh Kumar: 3 pva accts and 1 non pva accts
    [14:32:03] Crazy: From Mumbai (Bombay), IndiaBorn on March 3, 1992
    [14:32:13] Crazy: you're doing me wrong man
    [14:32:15] Dinesh Kumar: 3 pva accts and 2 non pva accts mate
    [14:32:20] Dinesh Kumar: no sorry
    [14:32:32] Dinesh Kumar: i will giv u with 600+ friends
    [14:32:36] Crazy: man fuck this i'm filing a claim with paypal i refuse to be taken advantage o
    [14:32:36] Dinesh Kumar: on all those accts
    [14:32:36] Crazy: of
    [14:32:47] Dinesh Kumar: get lost
    [14:32:50] Dinesh Kumar: do wht ever u need
    [14:32:58] Dinesh Kumar: u r fucking me
    [14:33:04] Dinesh Kumar: u said u need the accts replaced
    [14:33:08] Dinesh Kumar: and now asking me refund
    [14:33:13] Dinesh Kumar: and again changeing ur mind
    [14:33:14] Dinesh Kumar: bye
    [14:33:24] Dinesh Kumar: do wht ever u need pls
    [14:33:26] Crazy: because i'm looking at these fuckin accts and they're not u.s.
    [14:33:27] Crazy: !!!
    [14:33:37] Dinesh Kumar: u said u cchecked
    [14:33:39] Dinesh Kumar: y do u lie
    [14:33:45] Dinesh Kumar: i dont wana deal with u anymore
    [14:33:50] Crazy: i checked the friend feed
    [14:33:52] Crazy: but as i load the friends list
    [14:33:55] Dinesh Kumar: i dont hav time to talk with u
    [14:33:56] Crazy: and i go friend by friend
    [14:34:00] Crazy: a huge % are NOT u.s.
    [14:34:03] Crazy: and i did not pay for this
    [14:34:04] Dinesh Kumar: no way
    [14:34:07] Crazy: i'm being taken advantage of
    [14:34:46] Dinesh Kumar: i know wht i mad and ur trying to take more advantage and trying to bend soo much to touch my small ass
    [14:35:13] Dinesh Kumar: and more over the accts u had is u hav for 3 days
    [14:35:23] Dinesh Kumar: u shud hav done wht ever u can
    [14:36:41] Dinesh Kumar: if u need the 600+ accts say me
    [14:36:45] Dinesh Kumar: i will giv u thm rit now
    [14:36:52] Dinesh Kumar: i cant refund for ever
    [14:36:58] Dinesh Kumar: thts useless for me
    [14:37:05] Crazy: i'm already in the process of filing a claim
    [14:37:11] Dinesh Kumar: do as u wish
    [14:37:14] Crazy: i am
    [14:37:16] Dinesh Kumar: bye
    [14:37:18] Crazy: bye
    [14:37:22] Dinesh Kumar: dont evern cum again and talk to me
    [14:37:30] Crazy: why would i, you're a scammr
    [14:37:40] Dinesh Kumar: me lol its UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
    [14:37:42] Dinesh Kumar: bye
    [14:50:36] Dinesh Kumar: fuck with ur business
    [14:51:09] Crazy: i told you not to fuck w/ me.
    [14:51:24] Dinesh Kumar: u scammed me
    [14:51:27] Dinesh Kumar: shit crap
    [14:52:29] Crazy: i didn't scam shit. these accounts will *STAY* unused, and i will send them back to you upon a refund or paypal ruling on my behalf. until that point these accounts passwords will be changed and kept in my secure possession (and will remain in my possession UNUSED).
    [14:52:40] Crazy: when i see my money, or a ruling by paypal on my behalf, i will send you your accounts back
    [14:52:44] Crazy: as they came to me, they will be given back
    [14:52:48] Crazy: simple
    [14:53:19] Dinesh Kumar: fuck u hav my accts u got my money
    [14:53:26] Dinesh Kumar: u scameed me
    [14:53:50] Crazy: you keep crying foul about some scam but really, yo'ure the one who scammed me. i payed YOU for a product, you delivered NOTHING CLOSE TO WHAT I WANTED
    [14:54:07] Crazy: and you konw what? you might find a lot of pushovers on the internet, but i'm not one
    [14:54:13] Crazy: if i don't see my money, i will get it from you one way or another
    [14:54:19] Dinesh Kumar: goet away
    [14:54:19] Dinesh Kumar: bye
    [14:54:29] Crazy: i've been in this fuckin business for 10+ years, you've fucked w/ the wrong one, trust me
    [14:54:40] Dinesh Kumar: get lost i said
    [14:54:43] Dinesh Kumar: i wont giv u the money
    [14:54:45] Dinesh Kumar: bye
    [14:54:51] Crazy: scammers never do
    [14:55:00] Dinesh Kumar: ya i will no
    [14:55:02] Dinesh Kumar: bye
    [14:55:03] Dinesh Kumar: fuck with the accts u hav
    [14:55:16] Dinesh Kumar: and get ur ass up with those money
    [15:10:51] Dinesh Kumar: where ..?
    [15:11:40] Dinesh Kumar: ya i will.. bco u scammed me
    [15:11:56] Dinesh Kumar: my paypal with balace got hold
    [15:12:00] Dinesh Kumar: fuck man
    [15:12:10] Dinesh Kumar: close the dispute and only thn i will edit tht
    [15:12:19] Crazy: i will post the logs, and the community will judge who the scammer is
    [15:12:30] Dinesh Kumar: sure
    [15:12:32] Dinesh Kumar: carry on
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    IDK I use proxies
    i dont know anyother details of his.. and only thn i posted his details...
    this is all wht i got .. :(

    i need to prove tht he's a scammer.. i hav no other way to do .. i am securing all bhw members..
  10. Crazy

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    VB, C#, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery
    Since he posted text, uncleared of whatever data I would deem sensitive, I'll post these unedited screen shots. Not only will you notice that his text will be there, but if he modified that text, it'll be missing.

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  11. fbfbfb

    fbfbfb Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 13, 2010
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    IDK I use proxies
    lol i dint even change a single word.. so wht all u can...

    i just pasted all wht all there... i dint even hide a single world.. even a word..
  12. ericsson

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    Apr 25, 2009
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  13. LukaB

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    Apr 3, 2010
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    Planet Earth
    Well it seems you have not delivered what he wanted.... so as Ericsson, am with Crazy.
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  14. s0mebody

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    Jan 14, 2011
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    Thank you for this warning. people like this should go away.
  15. fbfbfb

    fbfbfb Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 13, 2010
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    IDK I use proxies
    NO there may b 1 r 2 fnds mixed.
    look i am in facebook and i am from US.. i hav a fnd in australia .. so whn i add all the friends friends from the person who from US he may hav some foreign friends.. so there may b but i said i will replace those accts n all and he scammed me.. pls check the conversation ericssion pls..

    i dint trick him.. i dont go and say i hav those and i dint compel him to buy .. he added me , he asked for the accts , he planed everthing and he too the accts and he used those for 4 days and on the 5th day (today) he says he dont want this and he toook the money back..

    pls do check the conversation pls
  16. ihate22

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  17. fbfbfb

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    Oct 13, 2010
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    IDK I use proxies
    he dint loose any ..

    i lost my accts , i lost my paypal .. i lost my money .. i lost my works.. :(

    check .. i gave him all he wants on the next mins.. but he used those for 4 days and he says he need refund on the 5th day.. ll u guys allow if i do like tht..
  18. BigBuddy


    Oct 6, 2008
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    fbfbfb, who gave you approval to sell the accounts through your signature.
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  19. ericsson

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  20. RedWolf


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