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    $2 is literally all the need to get started. Site just started yesterday but it has a very High chance of sustainability. Below is how it works. Literally I have cycled my 15 positions in less then 20 minutes of joining 1 time making .30 cents in one cycle

    Payment processors are Deposit Solidtrustpay, Payza, Liberty Reserve & Egopay

    Withdrawal: Solidtrustpay, Payza, & Ego pay

    (non ref)

    How PassiveRevShare Work?

    PassiveRevShare is a community advertising money maker. Each time a member purchases a new Ad position the cash is shared Equally between a set number of previously sold Ad Spots !


    Each position cost $2 and you will earn .02 cents each time they cycle till it reaches $3.25. You can reinvest earnings or withdrawal your choose.

    For Example:
    If you owns 2 Ad position, you will get paid twice per position sold!

    If someone owns 10 Ad positions they will get paid 10 times!

    If someone owns 20 Ad positions they will get paid 20 times!

    If someone owns 1000 Ad positions they will get paid 1000 times!

    You are 100% guaranteed to Earn!

    You will get paid on every single ad position you purchase, this means that if you purchase two ad position you would get a double payout! Buy three and get a triple payout! Buy four and get a quadruple payout! Or buy more and earn crazy amounts of passive income!

    Every single activated member will get paid every time a new purchase is made for each ad position they own, no exception! We know that you are sure to agree that this is the best pay system ever! You will even earn passive income while you are in bed, simply login in the morning to check how much new income you've earned while you were sleeping!

    Your Ad Spots will keep getting paid daily until you earn $3.25 on each of your Ad positions !

    Extra Members Benefits

    For just as little as $2 per Ad position you can reap the full benefits of PassiveRevShare

    You get 250 ad credits for each Ad Position
    Own a Ad position for just $2.00 and Earns $3.25 quick returns
    Fast Guaranteed Daily Withdrawals
    Enjoy the benefits of being paid daily
    No Sponsporing Required To Earn
    No SURFING Required To Earn
    Advertise up to 10 of your program Banners
    Advertise up to 10 Text Ads
    Earn up to 15% In referral commission 3 levels deep.
    .. and much more .....

    (non ref)

    Payment proofs from my sponsor (Reputable person I've joined several companies he is a part of)
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    I will post my own proofs tomorrow.

    As I said this just started yesterday but as you will see if/when you join people are making a killing already. Position seem to cycle in 24 hours or less making you $1.25 profit per positon so by tomorrow morning I should be almost to the $30 I originally put in for the 15 positions.

    No limit amount of positions. You can purchase one $2 to test it out for yourself. Trust me this is going to be big.

    (Just like with all online businesses be smart and within the first couple of days at least pull your initial investment and then reinvest whatever you like so there is no loose)

    Happy moneymaking

    People are joining left and right. This is crazy. Site is slowing down a bit. JOIN NOW

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    Dead Link
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    Sound pretty smart, you think of that system yourself or did you have a mentor?
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    HYIP lol. Incoming ban hammer