New OUTSOURCING video from NOBLE SAMURAI discussion.

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    Hey guys,

    I've been battling with the thought of hiring an SEO expert, namely outsourcing.

    Noble Samurai has a new video in the Dojo section just came out today or yesterday:

    googl this

    noble samurai dojo outsourcing-video-1-how-to-build-a-team-of-a-players

    45 MINUTE (too damn long) VIDEO SUMMARY:

    1. Get crystal clear on objective

    • what am I a novice at so I dont waste time on it.
    • what needs to be done
    • what do i want it to look like
    • what skills and attributes do I want
    • clear job description
    • use copywriting skills, headers, subheaders etc
    • tell a story
    • make it real
    2. Advertise the JOB:

    • They recommend Jobstreet, and bestjobs ph
    3. Make a questionaire

    • Send ad responders to questionaire
    • Questions to ask are:

    1. Ideally how many hours would you like to work?
    2. What days are you unavailable for work?
    3. whats your primary reason for applying for this role?
    4. what hourly rate do you expect to be paid?
    4. Set a simple task:

    • Task appropriate to role
    • watch for:

    1. following instructions
    2. speed
    3. skill level
    4. attention to detail
    5. Ask for resume:

    • filter for written english and attention to detail
    6. Interview:

    • Skype VIDEO interview
    • interview 3 people (simultaneously if possible)
    • ask about work history
    • watch for negative patterns
    • ask the following questions:

    1. tell me about your work history
    2. how do you learn best?
    3. what are your strengths?
    4. weaknesses?
    5. tell me about a time you excelled at customer support or client service
    7. Trial Hire:

    • fixed term 3 month trial.
    Other details:

    Make it easy for them to excel by offering training (im assuming wso's for them to implement etc)

    And the biggest one:

    Request end of day email.


    I put up an ad on the hire a freelancer section, got responses from all walks of life and all levels of "experience" once i started discussing my project goals, some guys said "guarantee front page for that keyword" one guy said I'm smoking crack.

    Yes my keywords are tough, it might take a while,

    the point is:

    1. How do you personally go about outsourcing and progressing through the hiring process? How do you pay?

    2. How do you know when the SEO freelancer understands the client's expectation of the work that needs to be done?

    3. Regardless of the biased or subjective opinion about the SEO competition or other "ranking factors", is it possible to hire a freelancer who is able to accomplish the ranking requested if the content is legitimately (this is subjective as well) better than any competing website?

    4. It cant be "impossible" to outrank for high competition keywords if the content is better and 100% non-net. got $. Is it a prerequisite to start with low competition keywords in order to rank for anything?

    I'm targeting the relationship niche (how cliche).

    If you've found this helpful, let me know and if you're freelancer who is available AND understands when a client has medium deep pockets, and is willing to put in the work. (of course i can go to another source other than bhw, but ill keep it in the family) Please let me know!!
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    Steer well clear of anyone who offers a "guarantee".

    When I started SEO, I did all the work myself (I learn't on the job). Then, I created systems. So, when I start a new project, I know which tasks need to be completed; and outsource these.
    Payment is done through the outsourcing system, e.g. odesk.

    You will need to look at the work history of the outsourcer and initially start him/her on small tasks. If they do good work, progress onto larger tasks.
    Ranking is not just dependent on content, but on-page SEO, links, competition and other factors.
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