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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by newbie99, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Jul 16, 2012
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    Hi everyone , I have a domain + hosting just lying without anything. I really feel bad for this knowing that there are some people here making big $$$ with simple sites. I am planning to get some content on a specific topic " i.e weight loss or something like that " and place it on the domain with a basic html layout and one or two adsense hoping to make few dollars too. Whats the best way to achieve this goal ? Your advice is appreciated :)
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    Im sure you will get many replies - Personally i dont use Adsense much - Maybe because I have other methods to make cash - would like to get back into it though, however from my previous experience then unless you already have a few sites pulling in a good number of decent visitors a day then its gonna take you a while before you will be happy with the money you are making.

    When working with adsense then its also great to make use of social media sites that allow you to share the revenue - You will find the sites pull in internal traffic from social media itself and also have a greater chance to rank in the serps faster - You may however find the CPC to be less .

    Hoping to make a few dollar never does it for me - I would firstly research your intended niche, see how others are monetizing and then set out to make dollar knowing that I will. Think positive and make positive things happen. You might call me old school but positive thoughts will give positive energy and thats what you need to be surrounded with - Same reason marketers meet with other successful marketers -

    On another note - Google trends is always a great method to work with - Trending topics, content locking and cpa campaings :)

    Hope you dont mind my notes
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    The best is way is probably to get 5-10 good quality articles put them on your domain with a simple WP themed site add ad sense, spend a small penny on a little SEO here and there and BOOM you should start seeing very little income gradually. From here you can decide whether to sell the site or expand it and keep for yourself.