NEW NICHE ...multiple smaller sites or one mega site??

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Scorpion2, Jul 14, 2016.

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    Ok so i came across a niche that should be fairly easy to rank. There is literally no competition at all however i am at a point where i need to decide to create one mega site that will cover multiple niches in that same category or create multiple smaller sites one for each specific niche.


    I have discovered niches before where i ranked on google easy for few months then had someone literally come and copy my site and out rank me by throwing a bunch of money into SEO . So i was literally out ranked in my niche by a copy cat and it hurt really badly. For this reason i am reluctant to do the MEGA site because if some affiliate marketer comes across my site by randomly researching one keyword he will access to all of my niches and i will have competition in everything immediately. On the positive side it would be so much easier to rank everything on the MEGA site instead of doing SEO on 4-5 different sites. It would cost less and it would be easy to add new niches to the site. On top of that it would be so much easier to make one site instead of 4-5.

    Now if i creat multiple sites there is a much greater chance that i would have at least few of these niches all to my self for longer period of time. Although these niches are in same catagory they are not too closely relates.... It is so nice when you discover a new niche and literally do 40-50 backlinks and you are already making nice money on first page. You dont have to keep ordering backlinks in order to stay on top. It is also much safer in regards to google penalty because you are not ordering any shady backlinks.

    SO what would you guys do in this case ?
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    Go with the authority site model. Thin sites are getting more difficult to rank by the day, and once you start gaining authority it gets a lot easier to get natural backlinks once you've built up some reputation. I have a site that will rank most keywords within page 2-3 for keywords I am targeting as soon as they get indexed because the rest of the domain is pretty high authority. A few backlinks to inner pages and I can hit page 1 instantly. It depends on whether its a churn and burn project or not though, I would go with a long term strategy if you think it'll be profitable.
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    Authority site for sure. You will get much better long term results doing so.
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    You will get much better long term results doing so.Authority site for sure.