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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Adowning703, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Hey guys

    I have purchased a domain cheapdrivinglessonsin"mycity" and I have gotten Wordpress installed onto it and AIO SEO. Had a few problems with Wordpress and my host which I got ruled out before starting anything major on the site. Obviously, my site focuses on cheap driving lessons in my particular city and I was probably going to try and sell advertisements 125x125 and a small post about the lessons/school to promote it. However I understand that people won't purchase unless traffic can be demonstrated and a person feels that this is going to help them with sales in their business. This said. There isn't enough driving instructors to post reviews about to increase the amount of content on my page and whatnot. Therefore I am stuck as to what to post on the page. Ive already thought about driving tips but I wanted to keep my sites traffic targeted to what people are actually searching for, driving lessons. So, any ideas as to what I can do, or is renting-selling advertising space the best method? Does anyone else have revenue generating ideas?

    All input appreciated. This is my first proper project so if possible I'd like to make it a success. Thanks

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    Hmmmmmm thats a difficult one, you could try writing an article on like booking and pre pairing for first driving test and what to expect, i would imagine most of the people landing on your site will be young people so they might not know what to expect from the driving lessons,

    or you could write reviews about the driving training companies etc in your city if they refuse to pay the fee for the listing after the site has began receiving traffic you could remove the review or turn it to a negative one,
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    i would tempted away from advertising and aim to launch a fully fledged site for providing the driving lessons service and JV with a local instructor or sell site site to a local instructor if you have enough traffic. JV/ "real" offline business is always the way to go.
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    May 20, 2011
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    Do you live in a small village rather than a city?

    I just 'yelled' a couple of random cities in the UK and each had more than 10 pages of results.

    Start with a simple listing (copy from yell or similar), and get the site ranked. Encourage visitors to leave a review. Then email/call them and offer them a premium listing.
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    I would add some content on there as far as how to benefit from driving lessons, what to look for with driving instructors, etc...create a value and then worry about monetizing it.