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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Danny1234, Jun 22, 2017.

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    Jun 22, 2017
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    Hey guys, been a lurker on here for some time now but I have decided to sign up.

    I am the owner of a personal finance/investing blog in Canada called Stocktrades.

    We purchased the domain a couple years ago off Flippa(3 domains to be exact) and have been in operation for about 8 months. I am for the most part white hat only, but I have purchased a couple PBN packages off SEOClerks which have boosted my rankings quite a bit. But like I said for the most part my backlink profile to Stocktrades is 100 percent natural.

    I look forward to exploring some of the methods offered on this forum and communicating with some fellow SEOers.
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    Hey, welcome!

    Your site seems really well designed. I don't know too much about your niche, but I would imagine it's pretty competitive.

    SEOClerks (isn't it konker now?) isn't really a good marketplace for links. To be honest, neither is the one here. I've spent a good chunk of money on services that I thought were high quality, but when I found the actual PBNs they were crap.

    The good news is that a few bad links wont totally crash your site. They won't help at all, but they won't really hurt either.

    It's admirable that you are trying to go the 'white hat route' (although as many will tell you here, any link building efforts are grey or black hat). Have you tried doing email outreach for guest posts? Infographics are a great piece of content that other websites will love to share and backlink you for credit.

    If you have a budget, you can also buy links on major websites, but you have to be careful because only a couple of sellers have real connections to do so.

    Good luck, hope to see you around!