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New IMer! My Journey Here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tuned29, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. tuned29

    tuned29 Newbie

    Jan 27, 2014
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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I'm new. I'm so fortunate to have found this community. The posts that I have read are insightful and I get a sense that there is genuine camaraderie among members. The "VIP" area concept is awesome and unique (for me anyway)! It encourages even more collaboration and positive input in order to gain access to even cooler stuff... I like it!

    My background: Six days ago I received an interesting email from GoDaddy with the title "Action Requested". Someone wanted to buy a domain that I own that I was going to use for a consulting website. Seriously?! I was so surprised. Although the domain is 6 characters in length, it's pretty much a made-up word.

    I clicked the link in the email. First I confirmed with GoDaddy that I was interested in selling. I wanted to see how much the potential buyer was offering(!): $200. That's when it hit me. Someone was offering me $200 for a semi-obscure domain that I had purchased for $20 (2 years of registration). WOOOO!!!

    After doing a bit of research on the company/individual who I thought was interested in purchasing (an assumption because buyer was anonymous), I countered. I named my price: $600. Within an hour, I received another email from GoDaddy... buyer is willing to pay $400!!!

    I thought a bit more, I was excited and nervous! I could take the money RIGHT NOW and profit $380, which is an ROI of 1,900% (if my math is correct)!!! I thought some more. Hmm... this buyer is interested in MY domain, which is a .com address with all other TLDs still available. The buyer wants the .com badly! So, I stand my ground and again counter with $600!

    Thirty-six hours later, the buyer accepted $600! YESSSS!!! That's a $580 profit and an ROI of 2,900% (again, if math correct)!!! The transaction via GoDaddy should be complete within the next 5 days.

    After being excited with this transaction I decided to do research on IM. My research led me to this wonderful forum.

    I want to make more money. I've determined that the IM strategies are virtually limitless. My first transaction was uncommon so I can't bank on someone making me an offer like that every month, considering that I only own 8 domains, 7 of them serving a purpose (they're not just sitting there... I actually use them).

    I have a technical background (been a lifelong nerd), including fairly knowledgeable when it comes to setting up computer systems/servers including email services. I've also helped with a few websites over the years, although not a lot of them. I have the technical capacity and persistence to make things work. I realize that like pretty much anything else in life, it takes plenty of hard work and plenty of time to really get good at something. And, it's a whole lot easier if it's actually fun to do!

    So far I'm having fun! I'm starting with something small. I'm placing advertisements on recently expired domains. The risk is small, and I'm learning a ton along the way. Despite not being a huge money-maker, it is a good starting point.

    On other forums, I tend to be a lurker (not posting). I'd like to contribute on BHW.

    What are the best way for a newb to contribute here?

    P.S. I received message that reads, "You are trying to post a message that has triggered our moderation system. Double check our rules to make sure you are posting something that is appropriate" so I donated so I could post my intro! Going in with a bang :)
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