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    My name is Kat. I'm located in the New England area near Massachusetts. Affiliate marketing was first brought to my attention about 8 months ago by a friend who was making some pretty decent cash with adsense through a specific niche on his website. I have decided that this is something I am extremely interested in attempting, but I have gone the adult industry route and am currently a recruiting agent for some adult sites. I haven't really gotten far as I've just started, but I hope to learn the ropes soon. I'm pretty much a noob. Just posted some ads on craigslist and am waiting for fish to bite. I hope to learn from you all as a good percentage have obviously been doing this for a while and are making some good $$$. Just gotta keep trying and see what works.

    Also a quick question for you all out of curiosity (PM this to me as I do not want to clutter up the board with replies) What is the most you have made in a month from affiliate marketing/websites/product pushing? Hearing success stories motivates me to work harder.

    I looking forward to getting to know you all. :)