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    I saw this forum come up twice in the past few days working. Once from a video I watched from one of the members here, really good info and the other from SE article talking about the "plague" of pbn's. Started reading the entire article and decided to join since a new project isn't working like I hoped, not de-indexed but just not really ranking at all and without knowing even the term "PBN", had started what I thought was the same thing on my own, and failed so far making too many mistakes moving too fast. My first ranking penalty's by G were a bad decision on a bad seo company I paid a few months in 08' on a new site he claimed using "IBP Arrellis?"- anyone familiar with that software? that was a few years ago, and that too was a dismal failure. Once the spammed backlinks with same article posted everywhere died, the site moved up. Then the economy sank, and I retired second time. Then a couple years past and I put on Wordpress as a separate blog with all original articles and some external links and that failed. Then recently I have to laugh as I made this ugly old style dumb HTML only home page with lots of large H1 tags- and embarrassingly have increased rank to 2nd page from like 10th- with crap. Next to fortune 500 company sites. It's amusing really, I did that html just as an experiment as I don't like wordpress and still prefer simple html. I started creating original content landing pages with keywords and long tail idea that I have seen, and found that direct links to the main site isn't a good idea. I own 200+ domain names and thought I would simply have them them all do masked directs to the main site, without doing any tiering as I have read about. So working on that now. Actually, would like to buy a solution.

    I've been around the block and retired young thanks to online sales in a small niche and in unrelated industry, but find myself bored and need a new challenge so here I am. I guess way over the hill age wise here since I have been involved since Data General was in existence in the 80's and at home using a 300 baud modem even, but never dealt into this heavy stuff. You guys really have it together, appreciate sharing it.

    I ranked number 1 in my niche for the first few years (96-00') pre ppc and that disaster with click farms ripping me off... it all started on all the SE's writing simple html and keyword stuffing and other early tricks, then things got complicated and now even more exponentially complex. Anyway, I need to start researching here, appreciate the info you guys have here done documenting this. Hope to contribute my expertise in other areas.