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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by NeoPat, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Hey guys!! As you can see im new here, but i have been anonymously viewing these forums for a while now. Anyway, I recently, say 2-3 weeks ago started up my website, regularly posting 2-4 posts a day, through wordpress. Now, I was wondering should i start back linking? Through google webmaster tools i can see that i rank for the search queries that i want to rank for, however, will purely content get me to the #1 spot?
    And another thing, I see you have backlinking services or people who backlink in another section should i pay for backlinks is it worth it?
    They are pretty cheap considering the amount you get, and i have had a look through comments and these people seem very trustworthy, and the results seem pretty good after using their service
    Anyway thanks you guys for reading through my thread, any help or anything will be appreciated byeeee
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    Most certainly, Google wants the site to feel natural and it is natural that even a new site might get some amount of backlinks as it is made.

    Never, you must have backlinks. It accounts for 70-80% of ranking. Backlinks make or break your SERP rankings and top 10 rankings. Content won't get you anywhere as Google rates that content based on how many other parties view it important, meaning backlinks.

    If it feels cheap to you go for it. However for medium/harder competition keywords a one time blast of links might not work. In certain cases it might not even do much as Google can view this sudden burst of links unnatural. Still it won't do any harm and buy someones service and see how your rank improves. Don't expect miracles, just a hands on view on how links work.
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    Trying to make a buck or two
    As noted you are going to need backlinks. The type you get is very important though. Cheap is not always better, since this seems to be your first site I would be both conservative and cautious.

    Do some more reading about specific types of links, then apply that knowledge and do the work yourself for awhile. This will do a few things. First you will learn how to build the different types of links and what each entails, this will help you later on if you buy links as you will be better able to judge any links you do purchase. Second you will not have to worry about a provider doing something that might harm your site right out of the gate because either or both of you do not understand what your site needs at this time. Third you by starting slower and doing it yourself you will learn exactly the types of links that seem to work better for your particular site. While there are types of links that generally work better than others each niche/site is a bit different so learn what works for you before you start outsourcing and spending money. Speaking of money, if you start out doing the work yourself not only will you learn something but you will save yourself money in the process. Always remember to keep the ROI of what you are doing in mind. Look at what your potential earnings are going to be for your keywords and make sure you do not spend $100 to make $10.

    Learn about your site, links, and your keywords before dropping a bunch of money on your site. Treat it like a college class and you will do much better in the long run.

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    your question about content is perfect! content itself will not take you to the no1, but will make your readers enjoy spending time on your site, and also if unique will make google gives you better mark.

    when talking about backlinks, go for quality, not for quantity. remember that google mostly appreciate High PR backlinks and natural backlinks and everyday backlinks and backlinks diversity!

    good luck