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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Rajatapaus, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Hey, I just started a while ago, and would love to get some tips and tricks. I have been researching for a while now, and gonna start a small mission soon:

    *easy money making guide for noobs* (no link, because not allowed for newbs)

    I got other little plans going on too, but the only problem seems to be money management. the plan is to get money to paypal account, then use X method to transfer it to moneybookers, and finally cash it out using ATM (both being verified with my own name). Now i still dont know what the X method is, and I would not like to use my own bank account for it, because they would see me getting income. I'm not from USA btw, but from europe.

    Could this method work, and any suggestion for beginners money management? Is the ATM risky? Any alternatives? I tried getting a swiss bank account, but it is quite hard nowdays, and fees are too high for a beginner.
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    new round here too mate
    swiss bank account? jezz if you going to earn that kind of money would you not be better off setting up some kind of company?

    you could pay yourself dividends, use a partners/sibblings/parent tax allowance etc.