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New guy chasing his goals!

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Chrysse, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Chrysse

    Chrysse Newbie

    Jan 31, 2016
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    Hey there, I am a new user but I followed this forum for a long time now. After reading many journeys and guides on this site I decided to take the step and try to get into IM myself.
    I like the journeys here on BHW because they are not just journeys for yourself but for the community. The blackhatters seem really nice and helping and thats one and maybe even the only reason why I am posting this here. I like the fact that everyone helps everyone here and that everyone is sharing their knowledge.

    About myself:

    I know alot of people think those about lines are useless, but whenever I read a journey here I wanted to know who that person is. Nothing special but atleast to know the basics. So I will keep myself short.
    I am from Germany and a student, so english is not my mother tongue. I have no experience whatsoever in IM and did not make any money in the internet yet.
    I am now taking this step because I want to get independend of my parents support. I am 23 years old and want to take responsibilities now.
    My first goal will be 10$ a day. I know this does not look much, but since I have no other huge expenses - thanks to my parents - it is a good amount of money to start growing this big.
    All money made with this journey will get reinvested or atleast saved!
    Once goal is reached a new one will get added.




    As previously told I read many journeys and guides and there are a few methods I had like to try. But for now I am choosing the Instagram + OGads method and going for game hacks and other niches.
    Saturated already? Yes I know this are niches that getting choose quite often and it is probably already saturated. I want to go with IG + OGads + saturated niches, because I know those work. Obviously they are saturatedand won't let me make a huge amount of money with it. But as you saw my goal is quite low for the beginning. I just want a small piece of the so saturated niche. Once 10$/day is reached I will go into niche digging.

    So I hope this method will work out for me to reach my first goal. Instagram and OGads is not my dream method, but from what I saw it's perfect for the beginning to get this small amount of money which one can use to build something big.

    What I have:

    - Bought FollowLiker Unlimited (116,61$)
    - 20 IG Accounts (20$)
    - VPS (14$) monthly
    - 10 Proxies (26$) monthly
    - Webserver (12$) monthly
    - Different Domains (12$)

    Total cost yet: 200,61$
    Monthly cost: 52$

    What I have already done:

    I have set up 15 accounts in followliker. Those accounts have just the domain and info text. No pictures. 1 Procy will only be used for up to 3 accounts. And 3 accounts only linking to 1 domain.
    6 accounts started to follow on 01.10 in followliker and are following between 175 and 225 at the moment. The other 9 did start on 04.10 and are only following 40-50 at the moment.
    I am using 3 different niches at the moment and one of them is game hack.

    I tried to set up my own landing pages but as I saw no conversions and/or clicks on my offer I decided to switch to the landing pages provided from OGads.
    Thats what got me my first conversion on two days ago. But it was just a conversion of 0,05$ so nothing big. Yesterday I got 2 conversions and made 0,33$.
    Hope I can scale this up soon to reach my goal. Did expect a little more already with 15 accounts but lets see where it is going.

    What will I do next?

    - Need to fix 3 accounts which got blocked because of the domain used. Dont know how this happened since all my domains are my own. But maybe it is because of some words that will flag a domain, like free, hack and so on?
    - Check how I can improve the click rate because 0,33$ is way to low for 15 accounts. I want to get the click rate up before I will use more accounts. Means I have to check niche, website and other stuff to maximize the income per account (0,5$ would be nice).

    Still waiting for conversion today...