New Google Verification troubles? They are calling?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by storm1204, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Ok, A client called me freaking out today cause he d**kwad employee has a friend who does SEO. The other SEO guy, who the employee want them to use instead of me, scared the crap out of them saying Google was going to locations verifying addresses. I told him Google doesn't have that type of manpower to verify every place listing and just tossed it up to employee being the douche that he is.

    So then today, they get a call from Google. The number was 650-253-2000. They identifies themselves as Google, and wanted to verify the address information. He then asked questions about whats at the location. Now this client has a physical location, and they have a UPS box that they would rather have publicized. Its been set up for a very long time kand they are number one in there category on Google maps. So I was looking on Google forums and a lot of people are saying their Google Map Listing dissapeared after that call. Imagine the employee has scared the hell out of my client once again.

    SO my questions are:
    Are UPS addresses not safe to use anymore?
    Whats the next best address to use?
    How is this going o effect the listing techniques?
    What if I have a bunch of citations, how are we gonna go back and change all of those/
    What is up Google's butt lately??