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    Ey guys, hope everyone is having a good week!

    Was playing with footprints in Google today while trying to find some blog posts about my niche, and wanted to share them with you as I really struck gold using them this afternoon. Feel free to toy with them a bit, as there are thousands of other ways to use these.

    I rarely see anyone toying with the AND / OR triggers while using footprints, so this should be fun.

    "KW" AND intitle:blog AND inurl:"p=" AND "Categories" OR "post a comment"
    "KW1" OR "KW2" AND intitle:blog AND inurl:"p=" OR "Categories" OR "post a comment"
    "KW1" OR "KW2" OR "KW3" AND intitle:blog AND inurl:"edu" OR inurl:"gov" AND "Categories" OR "post a comment"
    allinurl: "KW1" inurl:gov -"Comments Off" -"Comments Disabled" -"amazon" 
    allinurl: "KW1" inurl:edu -"Comments Off" -"Comments Disabled" -"amazon"
    "KW1" "KW2" "KW3" "Post a comment" OR "Name (required)" -"Comments Off" -"Comments Disabled"
    Only hit that thanks button if you had any luck using em'.
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