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    Just wanted to introduce myself quickly.

    Started off on the content side, writing articles for the Financial Times Germany and later being content manager for a web portal in music business. Got more into SEM and IM in that job and later started to work for a big XXX company as SEO. Did that for a few years and then got a new job at a lottery company, IM and offline direct marketing. Over the time I got more on the product development side, I spend most of the time thinking of new business ideas and trying to set up high profit margin products to sell online or offline. Mostly gambling but can be anything really. I know a few things about European laws, gaming licenses and a lot of other more of less useful stuff.

    I have been running a few micro niche sites since "back in the days" which surprisingly still generate a nice constant revenue on a lower level without touching them in years.. thought it's time to push things a little, those sites can do better. But I have to admit that I haven't been extremely active in the SEO field during the last three years - and a lot of things changed, at least on the black hat side. So yeah, here I am, reading up on new techniques and looking for new ideas and possibly shortly looking for marketing partners / services for new products I develop.

    Oh, By the way, I'm German, but I've been living in Amsterdam / Netherlands for several years now.


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    Hello and welcome. I think you'll spend more time reading and downloading stuff from BHW than working, but don't get too distracted, this place is huge:).