New ebay checkout for Stealth accounts

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    Hi, everybody, this is my first post on bhw, but have been lurking for a while. I've also posted it on aspkin forum, but anyways using some of the techniques I've learned, I've developed a new checkout system similar to cartmanager, but more user friendly and for stealth accounts ;).

    But to require it to work, I have to reveal some of the things I've learned how to do on ebay. For example, Avoid 21 day hold, have complete control of the ebay listing.(Can put php, javascript/jquery, pretty much any code).

    Some Features of ebcheckout is

    • have multiple ebay accounts on one primary account
    • With javascript, it won't take the user off ebay
    • If you have multiple paypal accounts, after one paypal account gets paid, it can rotate to the next. This will spread your funds out, which will lower your risk of losing more funds.
    • After payment, it will automatically mark auction paid for.

    Anyways, I have uploaded a demo of how it works on youtube, I can't post the link here, but here is the video ID watch?v=DDnZg4QnGCg. I used ebay and paypal sandbox for demo purposes, but it does work live. I've Already used it on multiple listings. Tell me what you think.
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    Interesting. I have signed up on your site.
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