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    Apr 24, 2011
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    hi , I am going to make a new website , I am totally confused that should I go and register a niche keyword website or i already have related website of of same type so i can create a sub domain on that. some of my concern area

    • After Lots of google updates creating lots of backlinks for any new domain is risky, Please suggest me how to rank a new domain quickly.
    • I hope i can blast or add lots of links to my subdomain as domain is near to 3+ year old , any view on this.
    Feel free to share the views . I want to start a niche keyword website which will have minimum 2000/month US search and share the progress to every one and take every one suggestion in that journey.

    other then keyword sharing and my link sharing i want to share all micro micro things to every one so i need help from every one and try lots of tested methods which people will suggest me .
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