New CryptoCurrency section on BHW

great, this is a perfect addition to an already-awesome forum
i just joined, but been lurking for a while. just registered today :)
this is awesome. The cryptocurrency is now going viral. here in BHT we are no left behind. I am a new user of the bitcoin and I hope this thread grows top a level that we shall share ideas, techniques and any updates about the bitcoin specifically. welcome welcoe.
The internet is finally doing for finance what it has done for publishing, trading and just about every other sector. It's providing a faster, easier option.

CryptoCurrency has got the banks running scared. It's recognized by governments but they fear it. How much longer will they allow a currency over which they have no control?

BlackHatWorld isn't scared. We're always looking for new ways to make your lives easy, to help your business run smoother and to make you money. CryptoCurrency will be a valuable part of that. We're covering the A-Z of Crypto-currencies

Anoncoin, Auroracoin, Bitcoin, Darkcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Mastercoin, MazaCoin, Namecoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Ripple, TrustPlus, Vertcoin, Zerocoin discussion on all these and more are welcome here.

Maybe you're in the know and want to share your passion and get others interested. Maybe you've heard of CryptoCurrencies but you're not too sure what it is or how it works. Even if you're not a fan, we want to hear from you!

Would your customers respect you for using it? Would they buy more or less? Tell us your experience.

The root of the CryptoCurrency section is here take a look into this booming area.
I am glad to see this forum introduced.I also want to inform that I can provide any amount of botcoins for those in need of botcoins.Of interested do not estitate to contact me.
where i can buy litecoin? and can i buy it by dollars?
where i can buy litecoin? and can i buy it by dollars?
You can buy from many Legit BTC Exchangers like BTC-E , KRAKEN but you have to verify ID if you wanna deposit via Bank Wire USD :)
Check these companies and compare their rates , buy from the lowest offer exchangers :)
BHW please make a rules/FAQ for the cryptocurrency section such as not asking to buy bitcoins i see alot of noob questions and possible scammers with the buying bitcoins questions. Sorry if im being unclear can BHW please make a cryptocurrency MUST READ page.I ask because I obviously can see the cryptocurrency section is as not good as it could be.
I'm happy to see this. This will probably be one of the trending thread on BHW in few months to come because the world is moving into the world of cryptocurrencies. Believe me that what I'm hr for. Thanks BHW


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It is really a venture in financial terms, I love it specially collecting from free sites
Thanks for adding this section. I actually tried some bitcoin mining. This section will help me even more to learn about cryptocurrencies.
I like the idea but what's backing it and if I had it how could I spend it? Does it convert to cash strictly for services? (tokens) Is it the same idea as tokens at Chucky cheese? I mean is it an agreed upon thing. How is its value measured? I like the concept but don't get it. This almost, but not entirely, blows my mind as a concept. It could be brilliant. Gives me all kinds of ideas for projects.
Cryptocurrency Analysis: Major Coins Hold Lows as Ethereum Stuck at $200
Welto announced the introduction of blockchain technology integration into their application.

"You can now link your crypto currency wallets to the Welto Application. It currently supports Ethereum and Bitcoin currencies. Built in converter automatically exchange you cryptocurrency to your home currency (dollar, ruble, peso etc.) So, you can see in real time how much money you have for all your blockchain. Exchange rates and your balance automatically updates each 15 min.

Also, u can interact with the application through Amazon Alexa. So manage your balance without even touching the phone

Developers will be adding additional currencies as their APIs start to become more available. This will allow users to have one centralized place to track all of their financial transactions.
Stay tuned for more exciting news from Welto!"

What do you guys think about it?
where are the rules to use this section?
can we post our tested online crypto investment site referral link? anyone please tell me
You can refer so many websites for knowledge about the cryptocurrency. I will suggest you refer black hat world, Cryptocompare, LinkedIn@Rilcoin etc.
There is too much information available on the Internet for basic videos refer Youtube Channel of rilcoin.

Exactly! And especially youtube is a great source for information for newbies and professionals! :)
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