New Crypto Project on Twitter


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Apr 22, 2017

Can you help us jumpstart a new crypto project? We need any advice that you can give from your extensive experience.

We have not yet opened the twitter account yet. We need the guidance on the timeline – when to start posting after the opening, when to verify, when to use influencers.

And we are interested in the fast organic growth. The main problem is that all new crypto projects start with the strong following and ZERO following themselves – which is AGAINST the normal organic twitter growth strategy explained everywhere. Please check these accounts for the examples:









So we need a realistic twitter growth strategy from day one. We have already prepared the first 20 tweets. WE CANNOT LOSE THIS ACCOUNT BY TRIGGERIGN ANY OF TWITTER GUIDER BOTS.

We noticed that the new projects start new accounts and some use influencers immediately – we have some budget for initial influencer marketing – but we need to make it in such a way so as not to be blocked by the twitter. What do you think on using influencers immediately after registering? Or we have to tweet for a few days? If yes – how many days?

Most new crypto projects are adding new users daily – without following ANYONE (a lot of largest presale projects follow ZERO people, prime example is handle=retikfinance or handle=blockdagnetwork).

So please let us know what would a realistic twitter strategy which will require NO following from our side.

do you recommend buying twitter views and followers right from the start? or only the views and use influencers for the followers?
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