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    Hi everyone,

    I figured it was time for an introduction, and to start being more active aside from my usual forum creeping. This is a wonderful forum and of any community I've ever participated in - BHW is by far the most spirited. It's amazing to see the level of discussions and the great shares that go on in this forum. Excited to be part of it!

    So, a bit about me. I'm in my early twenties, been holding a full-time job for 3 years after leaving college early (to learn in real-time). I'm fortunate to have worked in the internet marketing field with several wonderful clients, and over the past 5-6 years I had really honed my skills in (whitehat) SEO, namely locally targeted.

    In my career I've also had the chance to improve my skills with Adwords/ppc, copywriting, development and domaining - but the most rewarding part is working with small businesses to beat the big box stores.

    Not even a year ago, I was working away on some keyword research - sure I'd never dip my pen in the black hat ink. I'd always been a white hat advocate, and for anything professional I still would be - but it was not until recently diving into the blackhat world that a true, more-complete understanding of the entire web came into perspective.

    Anyways, I am grateful to have found this community both to continue honing my skills and to test out some BH seo methods. Looking forward to learning from all the awesome members here and eventually making a unique contribution.

    Cheers from the (not so) frigid north ;)