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Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by WhiteBoi360, Mar 4, 2013.

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    I think its time for me to get a few domains. I've never bought one before so not sure how all this works.

    My main concern is can I use fake registrant information as long as my billing info is spot on? I don't want people looking up all my info and sending me threatening emails and calling me etc etc

    Also, where do you enter coupon codes at godaddy? Got all the way to the payment part and never saw a place to enter them. Unless I overlooked it somewhere?

    Lastly, do any of the 99 cent coupons still work? I meant to register my domains last week but got busy:(
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    Absolutely not! You cannot use fake information, your registrar can take your domains away if you do. I actually had godaddy call me and email me 3 times about my phone number not being written the same way in all my information blocks. They said we had to fix it or I could lose my account. I have my contact info for all my domains and I have never had a problem with threats or anything. I do get some emails and letters trying to sell me web services but this is it. You could however purchase a Whois guard to protect your identity from people. Namecheap gives you a free year when you buy domains from them.
    Also for coupons...just google GoDaddy coupons 2013 and start saving. They have coupons everywhere, I use one everytime I purchase from them.

    PS...Where do you plan on purchasing, do you want established domains? or you wanna register one?

    EDIT: you enter your promo code at the very bottom of your checkout page, The page where you press checkout, there should be a box on the top right corner stating payment method, and below all the content at the bottom will be a small line asking for promo code. Hop I helped you!
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