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New Black Hat Software

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by PriorityMarketers, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. PriorityMarketers

    PriorityMarketers Newbie

    Jan 7, 2010
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    I'm currently in a bit of a bind financially, and I'm actually working on taking my business in a different direction for more passive income. However, I feel like I'd be throwing away alot of useful tools/time that the community could benefit from.

    Basically, I have a couple pieces of software that I've developed, originally for my own use, but if there's enough interest I might be willing to hold a beta for the most requested applications. After the beta they would be available for purchase (and discounted for BHW community of course). They'd all have to be reworked a little in order to make them available for a beta, but nothing too major.

    Most of these apps were designed to work with IPRental's proxy service, you can set your own proxies, or you can configure them to disconnect/reconnect your internet connection (dial-up, batch file, etc).

    If it's an app that requires captchas I'll likely just make it compatible with decaptcher..

    Here's a list let me know which ones you guys might be interested in:

    Account King:
    • Multi-threaded Live.com (hotmail, msn, etc, emails) account creation and checking.
    • Multi-threaded GMail account creation, verifier/unlocker, and settings changer (IE set forwarding, vacation reply, etc). (honestly I don't think the creation works right now, I haven't played with GMail creation for almost a year).
    • You can select rather you want the accounts to be male or female names, and it uses real randomly generated names (IE: AddisonPJensen)
    • Can add account creation / verification for whatever other sites are most requested (except [email protected] because I still have legal action pending with them under another company)
    • It's as fast as your proxies will allow and can use a Winsock based custom HTTP wrapper, so you can use any type of proxy, so long as the proxy supports cookies and secure (https) connections including SOCKS4/5

    Magic Visitor:
    This app was originally designed to increment views on YouTube, and was really close to being released for resale and then YT changed their counting algorithms, and I just haven't bothered to really look at it since. However, it has more capability then just increasing views on vids and channels.
    • Import as many youtube accounts as you want.
    • Can search for a list of videos, you can specify min # of views, etc that's required on the video, and even rather or not you want to include videos that other users have flagged as 'adult'.
    • Can rate videos in the same manner.
    • Comment on channels.
    • Same proxy support as the other apps.

    Priority Responder:
    • Logs in to Live.com email accounts via the web interface, and depending on your rules can send a reply.
    • Currently only allows one reply for all emails, but this could be changed based on feedback.
    • Can use custom tokens/tags, and has several built in (received date/time; day of week; first, last or full name of either the sending account or the person who sent you the email; and two configurable tags that allow you to set special reply information depending on rather or not the inbound e-mail has an attachment.)
    • Allows you to add a wildcard email string to a do not send to list (add a list of emails you don't want to reply to).
    • Can add
    • Tracks how many emails were received and sent from each account.
    • Uses the same networking functionality as Account King, so same options regarding connection status, proxies, etc..
    • Again, it exclusively uses the web interface to send/receive emails
    • Set your intervals between checks, and max thread count.. If your thread count is maxed, it automatically will add an action to a queue and processes them in the order they were queued.
    • Delayed response timer, configure random time for reply (IE: You received email at Noon, you can set it to not reply for 30-60 minutes and some random time between 12:00pm and 12:30-1pm it will schedule the reply)

    Proxy Master:
    I never actually finished this application, but if there's enough interest I certainly can.
    • Central list of proxy locations that can be user submitted (IE: if you find somewhere that has proxies, you just add it and it goes in to a central repository, so everyone can have it)
    • Ability to specify Forum Un/Pw
    • Full proxy testing capability, as well as flagging *dangerous* proxies (would use the publicly availble lists that specify these proxies)
    • Can set to keep proxy active, so if it ever detects a proxy dies, it can just switch to a new proxy on your IE setting automatically for you..
    • All the typical Import/Export functionality

    Phone Number -> State/Region Mapper:
    This is a simple little app (and for that matter if anyone wants it, I'll upload it) that allows you to provide a list of phone numbers (in a text file), and then select what Region (such as SE, NW, NE, etc) or a specific state, and it will only spit out the phone numbers from the list that correspond to that region/state. Works good if you have a bunch of ISP phone numbers and you want to try and keep them region specific.

    Another simple multi-threaded app. I haven't used this app in a while, so I'd have to make sure it still works, and it currently only works with standard proxies (although could easily be adapted to socks4/5 and authenticated). This is an app that if there was enough interest I could just dust off and post it up for you guys.

    Basically You just specify a list of proxies, and it visits IPAddressLocation.0rg, and parses the page. You can set timeout limits. Output file is a tab delimited file that shows "IP:port", "Guessed City", "State/Region", "Country", "ISP", "SSL?", & "Response Time".

    A small handy app that allows you to just specify a source file, and a destination folder. It will recurse through the destination folder and just copy your source file over to replace any found instances by the same file name anywhere in the destination folder directory structure. Can upload if you want...