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    Found this in my inbox earlier;

    We have just completed an analysis of the site to determine what necessary changes should be made to better protect our communities. As a result, has implemented new safety enhancements in the last few weeks as follows:

    * Review of all new ads and images in the personals and mature sections of the site.
    * Implementation of key word searches to quickly identify possible illegal advertising.
    * The blocking of off site html images to block images that violate our site usage policy.
    * Implementation of a new content policy to disallow nudity across the site.
    * Enlisting of safety experts to help craft further safety strategies.

    Please pay close attention to the posting rules on top of the posting form for more guidance. With postings under review, you may also notice a 20 minute delay in your postings going live. In addition, pics in your postings not meeting our new policy will be removed.

    We believe changes like these will better protect our community.
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