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New Article Submitting Directory offers JV

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Jane91, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Jane91


    Nov 9, 2011
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    Rich Info World is a article submitting directory, You can submit articles which are written by yourself as you wish and all those articles will be accepted and publish within 24hours.

    The benefits of using Rich Info World

    • When you submit a article we do the spelling checking as well as grammar checking
    • When you submit a article your article will be published in blogs leaving all the benefits in your hand
    • When you submit a article your article will be bookmarked in 71 Social Media sites.
    • You can use our ad board as you wish
    • You can use our forum
    • You can use our games to kill the boring time

    Best of luck, we are giving away free 12 months membership for users who register on or before 2012 1st of January.

    Ok lets put these aside Those who want to get Adsense income from this site i am allowing 768x90 adsense banner to put in there articles or for your articles. we can make joint venture here if anyone like hit me for this venture.

    These are the 2 jv available

    1. Write article and embed 1 768x90 ad banner (Adsnese etc) [For this you need to be a Lead sender or a full time membership holder]

    2. Adsesne ads for choose Category for a month [Cost $20/month]

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