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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by toosmooth, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm writing here now to basically ask for some advice from the guys around here who know what their doing.
    I'll cut right to the point; 2 months ago I started an image sharing website and promoted it using social media twitter, fb on
    I just checked my website stats and apparently I am google page rank 3 as of a few days ago(started at 0 the other month)
    I am monetizing now using adsence, basically making around 1$ per day.
    I have 1 clickbank product banner add on the site but have never made a sale.

    I'm just looking for some advice on what to do next, is this website worth anything? Is google pagerank 3 any good? what other ways can I monetize this?
    Just reaching out hoping for some advice from someone who has been here before because this is the first website I have ever owned/created and I am pretty lost at this point.
    thanks :D
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    Since image hosting is a simple service to make competition is fierce. In addition to that, Adsense ads don't like being served from image hosting sites without text content, so either you will get banned or your CPC will be abysmal (like it is).
    Images are numbers game: you need to advertise your site more severely. The other opposite is to have hard to find content or something that is can go viral and increase your views.

    For encouragement, with same revenue as you sold recently on flippa for 6k:

    Compare your statistics with it and see where are you heading.