New Algorithm & Strange suprise


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Nov 14, 2008
So i awoke this morning to see the new changes to google and while at first I was enjoying my time playing around with it to see how it worked, my attention quickly turned to my page ranking for my site. Okay so heres the scoop my domain is practically new, I created the domain and site about a week ago, and for some of my keyword searches I'm showing up on pages 1-3, although the main keyword I'm on page 14. But up until yesterday I wasn't even ranked in google and when I would type out "http//" into google my site wouldn't show up, but now it is and i'm ranked. Now although this may seem like good news I feel a bit worried because i'm not sure if this was supposed to happen this fast lol, google still isn't even showing that I have backlinks when I type "", although yahoo search shows them.

Should I expect this to disappear in a few days or is it normal to see a site rank within days of it's existence?
Congrats on getting indexed and ranking for keywords. Indexing is not too difficult - I can usually get a site indexed within an hour. Ranking is always the tricky bit but it sounds like you're off to a good start.

What usually happens with a new (or evolving) website is that you'll show rank one day and then you'll "slip" the next. When this happens, the Big G is testing your content - we call it "the dance". This dance is very frustrating when you first start to see your site ranking, but don't worry as it usually will settle down after a bit once G figures out where to place you in the ranks.

Depending on several factors, it is not quite unusual to see a site ranking within a week or so. Probably the biggest factors are niche and quality of user experience. Keep in mind, however, that the site might dance its way out of what ranks you're seeing today.

By chance, were you logged in G account when doing rank checking? That can make a huge difference in results.
Thanks. I figured that my cookies or account would cause some sort of rank altering in my favor, so i tested it on my iphone and on another computer and the results were practically the same, same pages maybe 1 or 2 spot difference.
Numa is right on. Give it some time to see where it will settle. In my experience, it will settle better than where it initially pops up, but your results may be different...
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