New Affiliate, Need Advice About Structure & Friend

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    Hello, I am brand new on this forum. No, I did not come through that whole lame Pinterest thing, though I did read about it. I've been casually browsing BHW and BHT for a couple of years now, I just never got involved in the conversations. Usually just looking for free software and traffic producing software ideas to search bit torrents for. The last time I was about to take a step forward in Amazon affiliate marketing was right at the time Colorado was one of the states they kicked out. Now that I just moved to Minnesota in early March, I decided to give Amazon affiliate marketing a try.

    I have been doing web design and Internet marketing for over 10 years now. But I've only, so far, been doing it for small businesses. I think it's about time I see what I can do from the affiliate side of things.

    What re-sparked my interest was when a childhood friend of mine recently called me up to tell me about these Amazon affiliate websites he was about to buy for $1,000 per niche, and they were going to give him 15% Amazon commissions and pull in $2k-$5k per month. Once I told him how unbelievably unrealistic that was, I told him I would look into it for him.

    He now wants us to work together on this affiliate project, don't forget, this was his idea. He is willing to put up a little cash for PPC or things like that, up to a few hundred dollars. Also, he already purchased the wpzonbuilder wordpress module for "us". But in the end, his computer literacy and marketing ability is completely useless. To build this thing, it would require me doing what I do.

    I guess my questions are these:

    1.) Is an affiliate business realistically sustainable for one person, let alone two people?

    1A.) I think I've answered my own question, but am I obligated to move forward in a partnership on this when it was my friend who essentially "re-kindled" my motivation to take steps forward in affiliate marketing? Or should I explain that the amount of work is too lop-sided from what is required, and that I'll have to go solo on this? I haven't done much other than research and set up a wordpress blog during my research.

    2.) From a business standpoint, I plan to do my best to follow all Terms of Service from any affiliate project I get involved with, but I'm not afraid to step into the gray zones of the unknown. Should I structure the affiliate side of my business to have several different amazon affiliate ID's spread out across various multiple projects, just in case one gets shut down, the others can keep producing? Or should I be focusing on several different affiliate programs, just in case one stream doesn't produce as promised or decides I follow the rules too closely and kick me out?

    I know this is sort of a long and drawn out lame question, but I could use some advice, and the thoughts of some people on the outside looking in. Thanks!