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    Nov 18, 2011
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    I'm having account issues.... I created a new topic since this calls your attention..... I was registered here along time ago back when this forum was first getting fired up. My account is gone.... I was sick so I wasn't aware of it I'm back in internet marketing game and It would not let me login to my old account. I did research with your search function and found "some" of my old posts still lying around but the title for my nickname is showing up as "Guest".... This is not the same nickname.

    I was a Jr. Vip had around 300 posts and did not donate to become a Jr. Vip.... But I did donate after the fact. I still have all of that information tieing me to this place.... Also Essential Clix should be able to vouche for me if I can get a hold of him. We used to talk quite a bit in the IRC channel when it was back on freenode.

    2 super moderators have seen the situation and have told me to get a hold of an administrator..... So That's what I am attempting to do. Note: I cannot Private message! Email does work tho. I was also told not to supply the information in a thread by one of the moderators so I am not doing that.

    Please get a hold of me

    - Zeize
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