New 301 and IP quesion.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by storm1204, Jun 1, 2012.

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    I bought a domain that I want to use. Problem is SEO wise, its brand new. SO I heard about the 301 trick of buying a domain thats at least 5 years old, preferably with a keyword in it that you're trying to rank for, then doing an article blast, blog comments and such, then 301 to the new site after backlinks appear to pass age and link juice. Is this the correct way to do it.

    Another question is about the ip. I have a vpn, that I host my site and client sites on. So technically they all have the same IP address. I have 3 free ones available with my vpn that I never used. Is it better to stagger sites on the op addresses, and is I'm about to spam the hell out of this older domain to then 301 back to the newer domain, is it better to use its on dedicated ip address for this.
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    Change up the IP just to be safe